Monday, 3 August 2015

50 Blog Post Ideas for Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blogs

Hello everyone!

So being a blogger myself, I can totally relate to the horrible feeling of writers block. Not knowing what content I want to write or talk about can prove to be frustrating when wanting to get organised and plan blog posts in advance. So for today's blog post I thought I'd come up with a list of generic blog posts titles that anyone can take and adapt it into their own style for their blog. So here is a little burst of inspiration of blog content for anyone who is in need of it.

1.    Life through the lens: recent Instagram photos
2.    10 random facts about me
3.    Monthly favourites
4.    Face of the day
5.    Tag post (British tag, Me time tag etc..)
6.    Beauty review
7.    What's in my bag
8.    Favourite apps
9.    Make up storage organisation
10 . Outfit of the day/week
11.  Beauty/Fashion/Homeware wish list
12.  Favourite Pinterest boards
13.  Seasonal essentials  (eg Summer must haves)
14.  Haul- fashion/beauty
15.  College/ Education advice
16.  Hair time line
17.  Everyday make up routine
18.  Things I'd tell my younger self
19.  Products worth the hype
20.  Book review
21.  Current favourite blogs
22.  Product Empties
23.  Collection post (Lipstick collection, Shoe collection etc..)
24.  How to get organised
25.  Travel Diary- share recent travel experiences
26.  Current trends
27.  DIY project- (Pinterest/Tumblr/We heart it inspired)
28.  Everyday hairstyles tutorial
29. Top 10 candle scents (Yes this is a thing I actually look out for!)
30.  List post (Bucket list or one like this! etc..)
31.  Blogging advice
32.  Morning/Evening routine
33.  Pamper evening essentials
34.  What's in my make up bag
35.  Skin/hair care advice
36.  Beauty hacks that actually work
37.  Room tour
38.  Dupes
39.  10 things that make me happy
40.  FAQ or host a Q&A
41.  How I style ___
42.  Nails of the day
43.  Recipe post (Bakings, Drinks etc)
44.  Life ambitions/ Open letter to my future self
45.  ___ vs ____ (E.g High-end vs High-street etc..)
46.  Current favourite music playlist
47.  Accessories must haves
48.  Healthy lifestyle tips (Work out/ Clean eating)
49.  How I edit my blog photos
50.  Brand focus (All things; Mac, Ted Baker etc..)

So I hope this blog post was useful for any fellow bloggers out there or possibly any new potential bloggers who are keen to kick start a blog!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you with a new blog post on Wednesday!