Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tuesday Thoughts

Hello everyone!

So I thought for today we'd have a small casual post where I'll just off load all my thoughts at the moment and also more importantly what I am wanting to do with my blog.

Slight Revamp

So if you're a regular to Kira Bassett blog, you may have noticed I have changed my header to my blog slightly. I decided that my previous design wasn't 'me', and over time I've grown to dislike it and wanted a change. I am sticking with the black and white theme for now, but I liked the personal touch of the  hand written looking header.

Blogging Schedule

Well I've said it many times on my blog, that due to college work load I never wanted to commit myself to a schedule otherwise I'd feel under pressure to post all the time. Blogging is not something I want to be stressing about as blogging to me has also been a hobby and something I wanted to enjoy rather than stress over. However with college far behind me I'm going to commit to a small schedule of every other weekday to start off with, and in the future I may step it up depending on how I feel. So from now on expect a new blog post on here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! 

Being More Active On Social Media

With a come back on my blog, I have decided to be more active on my social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram, which if you don't already follow you can do so by clicking here for Twitter and here for Instagram. I've also gotten addicted to Pinterest again surprise surprise, which if you'd like to follow me on there then you can click here, and I'd be sure to check your boards out too as I need to follow more people on there!

So I do believe I covered everything that was on my mind in terms of my blog. 
I am super excited to start regularly blogging now and with an actual schedule its actually happening ahh!

So I will see you guys with my first regular blog post tomorrow!
Until then!