Thursday, 9 April 2015

Spring Make Up

Hello everyone!

Yes I know, I'm here again once again apologising for the lack of content. But I do believe my education priorities are a pretty valid excuse if you ask me. It was recently coursework season so I was kinda caught up in that for the last two months ergh. Plus to top it off I've been ill so woo hoo. But on the plus side its half term meaning I'll have time to film and edit and it is also less than a month til my birthday yay!!

Anyway, back onto the title of this blog post, I have filmed my first ever collab video with the very wonderful Freya! I have done a fresh spring make up routine and Freya has filmed some spring outfits inspiration! So I really hope you'll enjoy both videos and without further ado, I'll leave my video linked below!

Until next time!