Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The shorter do

(January 2015)

So since around November I've slowly been having regular trims cutting off all those horrible split ends, and since I've been having these I've gradually gone shorter and shorter. It wasn't orginally my plan to go too much shorter, however those dead ends had to go and I had to kiss goodbye my wonderful long blonde locks.

(October 2014.)

But at this current moment in time I am actually like the shorter hair despite how much I miss the longer hair. It is a whole lot more quicker now to do to my hair which I suppose is a positive when having to get ready in a rush. However I am intending to grow my hair back out again however I am getting into proper hair care routines by using different products including more hair masks! I'm also only using heat to the bare minimum, and if I have to use heat I make sure I use plenty of heat protection and spray in conditioner to keep my hair in tip top shape.

I've been doing some research into better hair care routines but if you have any tips and tricks then please leave them down below as it would be great help!

Until next time!