Sunday, 11 January 2015

Gold Statement Necklaces

Gold jewellery has never been favourite of mine really, I was all about the silver! However over the last few months I've bought my self a lot of statement necklaces and I've recently come to love the odd gold one. Both of the gold necklaces I own are inexpensive ones I just happened to pick up while shopping, however I have recently fallen in love in pairing a big statement necklace with a plain jumper to add a small feature to an outfit.

The triangle necklace you may have seen before as it was featured in my Winter Primark haul video a few months ago. I personally really like triangle statement necklaces, I currently own two; a plain silvery one and the one pictured above. I much prefer the gold Primark necklace compared to my other triangle necklace due to the detail and layers this necklace has, one of my favourite features of this necklace has to be the inner black shimmery triangles. This little beauty only cost me £3! In terms of quality I love this necklace although you do have to be careful as the triangle can easily tangle due to the way they are connected.

This necklace is a lot more 'bulkier' compared to the thinner triangle one. This definitely isn't the sort of necklace I would usually buy, however at the time I kinda fell in love with it, so naturally I purchased it. I find that this necklace goes really well with my light colours such as my cream knit jumper which I actually wore in a FOTD blog post, however over the festive period I found it went even better with my darker knitted jumpers like my burgundy or bottle green jumper. As for the actual shape of this necklace I have absolutely no idea what you would call this or how to describe it! Although it does 'kinda' remind me of cat hmm? I actually found this necklace in the jewellery section of George at Asda, I wasn't even looking for any jewellery at the time it just happened to be on sale when I walked past and it was down to £1.50 from £5! However this was back in June so the likely hood of this still be around is very unlikely.

Until next time have a wonderful day!