Sunday, 4 January 2015

Getting Organised

Hello everyone, I hope 2015 is treating you well!

In my previous blog post I spoke about how I wanted to be more organised in 2015. So to kick start it  off I decided to treat my self to new note pad and organiser. I find having a new pretty pad to write in makes more inspired to use it, and since the next season is spring they did look rather appropriate. Just in case you was wondering the note pad is by Go Stationary and the planner is more obviously by Emma Bridgewater! I am pretty sure you can still buy these directly from their websites, however I picked these up in TK MAXX! (Shocker I know.) The note pad will be used purely for blog post and YouTube video planning, while the day to day organiser will be used for everything from blogging to college work.

Back on to my previous blog post I spoke about wanting to set a schedule, however after much consideration and trying to work it out I found it pretty impossible to set specific upload days for my blog. So for my blog instead of having upload days I'm going to have a quota of uploading AT LEAST twice a week, not including YouTube video promotion. So two actual full blog posts a week as a minimum! I feel I can work to this around college and YouTube quite comfortably, plus if I have more spare time in a week like in half terms, then I can post more than twice in a week.

So there is one of my resolutions going off to a good start whilst helping another resolution I have.
But until next time have a wonderful day!