Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Formal Valentines Day Outfit Idea #1


Valentines by kirabassett featuring iphone cases

Despite being a very casual girl I can't help but find the idea of going on a really formal date and getting to dress very fancy really excites me. Although don't be mistaken I still (and probably always will) love my Domino's pizza and Netflix nights at home, which is still wonderful as you still get to spend the night with your loved one, eat amazing food just without having to make a huge effort on your make-up or clothes. Besides my year 11 Prom which would of been 2 years ago this summer wow, I've never been to really formal evening where you'd get to dress this fancy, but at least I can dream by creating outfit inspiration posts on Polyvore! Although I don't think I'd be able to style my now shorter hair in that pretty heart half up do even if I tried! *sigh*

My boyfriend and I haven't actually discussed our Valentines plan but if there's pizza I'd be more than happy! And yes I know it's way to early to be even thinking about Valentines day but hey it is in six weeks and I like to be plan ahead, even if its just wishful thinking!

If you liked anything in this outfit collage then everything will be linked below for you, how handy! Plus how cute are the phone cases?! I do have a soft spot for Disney.

Until next time, have a wonderful day!

Chicwish red party dress
£39 -

High heel shoes

Kate spade jewelry
£32 -

Christmas jewelry
£7.89 -

Samsung iphone case
£24 -

Mac cosmetic
£12 -