Wednesday, 31 December 2014


So this post was scheduled to post on the 31st of December however it never posted so its a little late! But a new year has begun and I seriously can't believe how fast 2014 has flown by like where did it go?! 2014 has honestly be a pretty wonderful year for me and I have to say I'm pretty proud of my self for everything I achieved.

So what are my New Year resolutions?

1. Knuckle down in college: With university creeping up I really need to get on with my college work and give in all coursework on time and to my best standard as well as making myself as best prepared as I can possibly be for the summer exams. My whole future is riding on how well I do this year and I fully intend to maximise my potential.

2. To create a realistic Blog and YouTube schedule and stick to it: So far on my Blog and Channel I've just kinda posted when ever I made content. However I really want to establish a proper schedule to keep my self organised, this will also help when it comes to revision and coursework! I will give you all my schedule as soon as I've worked it out.

3. Improve my lifestyle: I'm not going to lie my diet and fitness is pretty shocking. I blame Pizza. So this year I fully intend to eat more healthily and to exercise to more. This would not only improve my body but also my mood and energy, as well as improving the condition of my skin, hair and nails oooh. I may even run a series on my blog of my progress on getting fitter.

4. Save up: Once again with university creeping up I need to be fully prepared. I do need to buy a lot of things for the halls, however there is also the responsibility of paying rent and doing my own weekly shopping so to achieve this I need to master budgeting. However in life things happen to go wrong and I would like be a responsible adult and have my own savings to fall back on if things go wrong, rather than go running to parents.

So will I achieve all these? I'm surely hope so, I'll keep you all updated seeing as I made it public I better make sure I feed back!

But for now lets look back on some of 2014's events;

Re-starting my blog

In 2013 I took a 4 month blogging break, yikes. However I really wasn't mentally happy or inspired to blog as I was under constant stress from college and other factors. However in the New Year things started to turn around and I was determined to get back on track and finally by February I decided to start writing on my blog again and I even my gave my blog layout a revamp which is what you see now!

Going to see Dancing on Ice live

Dancing on Ice was seriously one of my favourite shows to watch! mainly because of the film Ice Princess. I'd would tune in every week religiously and I have to say my favourite series is still the fifth series when Haley Tamaddon and Daniel Whiston won it. So actually going to London to see them all live at Wembley stadium was so over whelming! The show was absolutely fantastic and I cannot thank my wonderful Nan enough for taking me to go see it, definitely an experience I won't forget!

Everything in my Summer round up

Quite a lot happened in my fun filled summer which I already did a blog post on which you can read here. It covers everything from May - August, which I feel would of made this blog post be way to long if I included everything in it! So if you fancy reading in detail about my summer be sure to click the link!

Starting my YouTube channel!?

In August I finally filmed and uploaded my first ever YouTube video ah! Its something I've wanted to do since secondary school however I never had the confidence to do so I delayed it. I am pretty grateful now as in that time I learnt how to edit and gained self confidence in myself, I stopped worrying what people would think and did something for myself. And now my humble channel has over 200 subscribers and nearly 4000 views!! Thank you so much for supporting me by subscribing, watching and liking my videos it means so much to me!

Going to Spain

Going to Spain was my first ever holiday abroad without my family, I went for a week in September with my boyfriend and his family and it was absolutely wonderful! It was the first time I really had save up lots of money for food and spending which I achieved!( however my lovely Nan did help me with insurance bit!) Despite being with the family we was very independent which was something I've not experienced before while on holiday but overall it was a great experience. I would definitely return to Torreblanca!

Applied for university!
I applied for university comfortably before the deadline! So although the UCAS deadline is January, my college deadline was November however my application went straight through to college well before the deadline. I spent a long time planning my personal statement and even longer writing and rewriting it, however when it was finished I was very proud with the outcome. I also had to be responsible and travel on my own to visit the university open days. I've never really travelled far away without my parents however taking the trains and searching Google maps for routes proved to be very successful.

So 2014 had some wonderful memories and experiences, some of which I'm very proud of. However there were two lows which did bring me down.

Losing molly 

Some of you may recognise this furry face, she has appeared in many blog posts and even in a YouTube video in my 'Get to know me' video. However in October she passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly, having owned her since I was 3 years old and grown up with her I was absolutely heartbroken. She wasn't a boring cat oh no no no, she was very active and needy! Molly loved being stroked and cuddled, she'd play with pieces of strings even up to her old age and of course she'd commonly sit with me while I edited my blog posts:

She was such a dear little soul and I miss her millions each day.

Breaking my wrist

Falling over while ice skating and fracturing my wrist was definitely not one of my proudest moments of 2014. To be blunt it was pretty embarrassing, however I'm only human and accidents happen. It was such a painful experience which I still have wrist pains now. Plus having to wear a fat cast for 4 weeks really brought me down as I couldn't fit in to most of my nice clothing, as well as effecting my creativity as all I want to do was to make DIY projects for my YouTube videos however the time off work meant lack of money to actually make them, this also effected Christmas as I had to do all my shopping pretty late compared to usual!

So here is to a better 2015!

Monday, 29 December 2014

What I got for Christmas 2014!

Hello everyone I hope you've all had an amazing Christmas!

In my latest video I show you all what I got for Christmas 2014!

I'll see you all in 2015 with lots of reviews and goodies!xx

Until next time,

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

DIY Christmas Gifts! Easy and Cheap!

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to finally show you guys my first Christmas video! Today I will be showing you guys 4 super easy and adorable DIY gifts that are perfect for your family and friends!

Here is the link to send you over to the video:

I hope you are all having a wonderful December!

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

November Favourites!

Hello everyone!

And today I have a monthly favourites video for you over at my channel! 
Its officially December and Christmas time which means my room is all decorated for Christmas and I love it so so much!

Anyway here's the link to my new video; 

Until next time, Happy December!