Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Christmas To Do List - My December Bucket List!

So Christmas is upon us soon and seeing as I have more time on my hands with my fractured wrist I've had some time to think about what do I actually want to do this year? Besides all the present buying and decorating what Christmas traditions have I never done yet always wanted to? So after finding out my cast will finally come off early December I decided to create this almost 'Christmas Bucket list' of 12 things I want to do before Christmas. So without further ado lets jump right in;

1. Have a Christmas movie night

Watching Christmas films is pretty much everyone's Christmas Tradition you can't really escape it! So why not sparkle it up a little bit by hosting a proper 'Christmas Movie Night' it can be just for you and your family or you can even make a little party out of it and invite all your friends round. Then all you need to do is prep some snacks, bring all your duvets down to living room and get in your Christmas PJ's then you're set. This is something I'll definitely do with my family! (PS Elf and The Muppets Christmas Carol is a family favourite with my family!)

2. Build a gingerbread house

I've seen all the gingerbread house kits in the stores but have never actually bought one and made my own! Its mad as I absolutely love gingerbread, so how I haven't made and decorated my own by now is beyond me. Again this is something you do on your own or do it with you friends or family as fun activity to get you in the festive mood.

3.Do some Christmas DIY's

Getting crafty can be most productive around this time of year! Why spend tonnes of money on decorations when you can make some with bits you have around the house at a very low cost. It can be as simple as snow spraying some old jars or even adding glitter to bits to make them look more 'christmassy' an affordable Christmas is possible. I used to be always making my own red and green paper chains to decorate my bedroom with when I was younger!

4.Do some Christmas baking

Store bought Christmas baking can taste pretty good, but for nothing beats home made. The advantages of home made are endless; being able to choose your own flavours, able to decorate it your own style and make bigger batches. (stores can be pretty tight with their portion sizes these days.) It can be a home alone thing to let your inner baker shine, I mean come on we all watched the Great British Bake Off and think we're baking geniuses. Or on the other hand it can be a family friendly activity where little ones can help decorate cookies or lick the icing off the spoon in my case. 

5.Visit a Christmas market

Big shopping precincts tend to have a pop up 'German Christmas Market' around this time of year. I did walk past one last year and did buy a sausage roll for breakfast, (which tasted amazing might I add.) however I was in such a hurry I didn't have time to look through all the stalls and get the festive vibe, which wasn't really there for me at 9am in the morning. So this year I'm determined to have a proper look around one possibly when its dark so all the lights will be on.

6.Make a Christmas playlist

I love Christmas Music so much, I would quite happily listen to it all year round. However I have different albums and different songs I really want to just sort through all the Christmas songs I have. Then pick out my favourites and place them all into one Christmas playlist I can listen to over and over, each and every year. Listening to Christmas music while getting bits done just give me that festive feeling I adore. It has helped me get through hours of wrapping presents.

7.Go to Winter Wonderland

I have never been to London around Christmas time in my life. Which is kinda sad but my family and I never got round to going up there! (Plus the sheer amount of people in that photo alone is already making me feel claustrophobic.) But armed with Christmas Spirit I would love to be able experience the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, it looks like a magical experience I definitely want to have this year!

8.Visit a Christmas shop

Around this time of year literally most gardening centres completely transform in Christmas wonderlands. There is one local to me which is huge and goes all out and becomes a Christmas Shop. They decorate the whole store and sell the most beautiful decorations and Christmas Ornaments. Although my personal favourite thing is the the fact my local Christmas store gets animals there over the Christmas period so you get to see Reindeer, Pigs and Goats etc! (Pigs are secretly my favourite though they are so cute eeek!) 

9.Learn to crochet and make a Christmas decoration

Little knitted pieces make the sweetest decorations and I have always wanted to learn how to knit. So why not learn how to make them myself! I am determined to become a crazy knitting lady and absolutely decorate my room with these. Plus aren't those knitted lights the cutest? I best get buying my knitting magazines and starting kits!

10.Make my own pot-pourri and dry oranges

You can't quite beat the smell of Christmas, so to make my own Pot Pourri so I can fill my room with its sweet spicy scent would be so lovely! Also I'd be able to have more control over the scent, I'm much more a sweet scent person with just a hint of spice. So finding the perfect scent that isn't too spicy can be stressful for me. Also dried oranges look very Christmassy, when I was little we had a candle that had dried oranges in the wax and I always wondered how the orange did go mouldy, (my young mind couldn't work out they were dried and in wax.) So to make my own sounds like a little craft I'd get up to with my mum.

11.Write some Christmas cards

This may seem like an obvious however its a habit I've seem to stop doing! I used to send out 30+ cards to all my school friends, every family member and even to all my neighbours. But in recent years I only write one for my parents and boyfriend, I'm terrible. So I'm hoping this year to spread some sort of Christmas joy and actually write and send out lots of cards.

12.Make paper snowflakes

Now I'm not talking the little simple snowflakes you made as a child oh no no no. I've seen on Pinterest much more complex snowflakes which look so pretty I'd love to make tonnes of these to hang around the house. I think I may have to invest in some good scissors and have lots of patience for this one, however I think you can take this a step further if you wanted to and use glitter paper or even spray glitter on to them to give them a little sparkle.

So there is my December bucket list of the 12 things I want to do before Christmas! 

Is there anything you want to do over the festive season?

Until next time have a wonderful day!