Thursday, 6 November 2014

Autumn Tag!

So even though I have done an Autumn themed TAG by doing the Sweater Weather TAG over on my YouTube Channel I was however tagged by the lovely Emma over on Rougeinlove97 to do the Autumn tag so here we goooooo..

Favourite thing about Autumn?

My all time favourite thing is seeing all the colourful autumn leaves, the red ones are my favourite as they are the rarer ones and most pretty. (Plus its super close to Christmas?!)

Favourite Drink?

The Red Berry fruit cooler from Costa is actually my favourite as I usually get some kind of throat infection or sore throat around this time of year so one these bad boys is the most relieving drinks ever.

Favourite scent/Candle?

Easily Cranberry Zest by Yankee or any berry scented things.

Best Lipstick?

Mine at the moment is definitely Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in 16 Brun Cosmopolitan which is actually a brown colour however its a dark shade that matches my skin tone and even makes my teeth look whiter!

Go to moisturiser?

I always go for my Nivea Soft moisturiser or my Movie Matte Photo Ready  moisturiser by Creightons.

Go to colour for the eyes?

Definitely champagne colours blended with dark browns and blacks to create dramatic smokey eyes. Or a gold and cranberry look if I'm feeling Christmassy.

Favourite music to listen to?

Well I do sneakily start listening to Christmas songs because Christmas time just flies by so it never hurts starting early? But I love the Naked and Famous and Ben Howard at the moment.

Autumn treat?

Would be treating myself hot chocolates from Costa, lots of the Halloween sweets and new jumpers of course.

Favourite place to be?

I do like walking through the woods crunching the autumn leaves or spending a stormy rainy day in doors having a movie day in your PJ's with your duvet and pillows downstairs on the sofa! It's so comfy.

I'm not really sure who I am tagging personally so I tag all my readers :D

Who's excited for Christmas?!

Until next time!