Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Hello October..

Ah October, pretty much my favourite month of the year. (Tied with December of course) I don't know why October is my favourite,but I've never experienced a bad one and its the month where Autumn really settles in and its all about those cosy nights in. And after coming back from sunny Spain I am finally back into the swing of things and caught up on studies and now I'm ready to get back to blogging.

So being in the Halloween spirit I actually bought this cute little pieces from my local pound store, so I can use them in the background of some videos in this season, But you get to have a little closer peek at them first. I am so excited for some autumn videos I'm planning, one is already filmed and will be uploaded tomorrow!! First Autumn video is under way yay! I have a lot to plan for so I'm hoping to get the time to get what I want out on time.. 

But anyway here is a closer look at this adorable pieces:

Are you excited for Autumn and Halloween?