Sunday, 19 October 2014

CHANEL Lipsticks!

So I may or may not have splurged out on some fancy new lipstick hmm? Okay I did duh. But I feel this were a good investment and I am sure I can come up with plenty of excuses to justify buying these, not one but two CHANEL lipstick.*squeals*

So I thought I do a blog post giving you a little peek into what I bought exactly! I bought two, both from different collections. I bought one from CHANEL's Rouge Coco range and the other from the Rouge Allure Velvet range.

Rouge Coco in 51

Now this one is the lighter colour of the two at a more 'pinkier' tone to it! Colour wise its a gorgeous dark pink so is great if your in to more natural subtle lip colours. I find this lipstick to have a wonderful creamy texture to it making application a smooth and easy process and since its such a natural colour you can get away with wearing this without lip liner. And lets be honest its pretty much most girls desire to own some CHANEL make up! This one is my favourite out of the two and is available in 30 different shades and you can buy it from Debenhams for £25 here. But I got mine duty free and I do believe I paid less than £20 for mine woo!

Rouge Allure Velvet in 47

The second one I purchased is a matte lipstick so the colour is a lot more pigmented on the lips. The colour its self is also a darker pink so this is a bit more of a statement compared to the first colour. As this is a bolder colour and matte reapplying through the day will be needed a lot more. As this is a darker I personally wear lip liner with this as well. You can also purchase this from Debenhams but its £1 more expensive at £26 and come in 10 shades, link here. But I think I paid around £19 for mine with the duty free.

But overall I love and adore both of these lipsticks and I am loving the quality of these so so much ahh! I definitely recommend these if anyone is itching to treat themselves to some high end make up!

Do any of you own any Chanel lipsticks?

Until next time!