Friday, 10 October 2014

Autumn Bath & Body Works hand gels!

Being in the UK getting any kind of Bath & Body Works products is a luxury. However through some websites I managed to get hold of two Autumn hand gels! This aren't new ones to this year as I'm yet to find this years Autumn hand gels that deliver to the UK however I have got these two instead;

A Walk In The Woods

Now this hand sanitiser definitely has a stronger fragrance to it, it has almost a masculine scent to it. On the website its described as ' A leisurely stroll through golden leaves, red rosewood and cool bergamot.' It has a very earthy leave scent to it which makes this such a perfect scent for this time of year.

Crisp Morning Air

Now this one definitely has a sweeter and less potent scent to it compared to the other hand gel, however like the other it has that hint of masculine scent to it which I'd say is a plus as it makes this a uni-sex product. Online its described as having: a invigorating scent of mountain pine,fresh juniper and pear. By having the pine it gives it a very fresh scent as if it really was crisp morning air. Again I do love this one ALOT for the autumn season.

What do you think of Autumn hand gels?