Monday, 1 September 2014

My Summer 2014 round up!

I cannot get over how quickly Summer 2014 have just been and gone! I mean after 2 months off I and officially back in full time college next week ahh! Although I will admit I am looking forward to go back college as I get to spend lots of time with my college friends who I don't see as often outside of college.

So I thought I'd post a big round up of my Summer 2014!

17th Birthday

So even though it wasn't summer holidays yet and it was still May I still want to mention it: I had the most wonderful 17th Birthday! My friends and family spoilt me rotten and gave me wonderful memories at my Birthday meal!

Family BBQ's

So every summer its guaranteed my family will have a BBQ and boy did we have many! I also attended some with my boyfriend and his family but it did get chilly in the evening hence why we're all wrapped it in blankets in the summer! (He was also a little bit tipsy in the photo oops.) 

Boyfriends Birthday meal!

Considering this was such an amazing evening on a special day this is the only photo I have from the night! For my boyfriend's 17th I booked a table at Pizza Hut (a.k.a food of the gods) for us and all our close friends which was such a lovely evening, which then led to being all us being brought back to the house where alcohol and games occurred followed by feeling horrible at college the next day, definitely don't drink on a college night.

Mutiny in the park!

(I am front row far left with the black top on and arm in the air woo hoo!)

I also attended Mutiny in the park, which was such a great day filled with amazing music and lots of dancing. I managed to spend pretty much most of the time front row which made it all the better! I also got super bad sun burn though!

Getting to see my best friend!

This may seem a little weird to people who don't understand us, but me and my beautiful chummy Beth have been best friends since year 9, we were in all of each others classes and always sat together and have tonnes of memories and inside jokes its ridiculous! But we unfortunately got separated as we went to completely different colleges and mixed with high work load, part time jobs and not living too near each other it got near impossible to see each other, it saddens me we're not as close as we used to be but we still talk all the time on Facebook and when we have the time off  we meet up and go out for Costa's or out to dinners which make me very happy!

Finding little vintage cafes

On a random summer afternoon filled with boredom my boyfriend and I decided we'd go out for lunch and ice cream in a little cafe we was told about near by! It was such a sweet afternoon and I got to see many cafes I didn't even know existed and we found this one that had a little ice cream parlour so we stopped for ice cream and I had the yummiest bubblegum ice-cream sundae it was amazing.

Going to Brighton with Emma!

Me and Emma have known each other for quite some time as we attended the same secondary school, however we was never really close or even spoke much! However since going to college and finding each others blog we had slowly started talking more and the next thing you know we're heading off to Brighton for the first time on our own going to a blogger event (and sending each other ugly selfies at 2am oh yes;) ) But Brighton and the blogger event was so amazing with Emma and as a result I now consider Emma one of my really close friends!

Meeting Aileen!

Another cheesy one! But me and Aileen have been texting for what felt like so long and we finally met in August and it was so so nice and she is honestly so lovely, I just wished she lived closer so we could go shopping all the time! But yes thank you Aileen for being such a wonderful friend to talk to when I need it no matter how early or late!

So I think this about covers my Summer 2014! It have honestly been an amazing summer and even though I didn't get to do everything I wanted to I wouldn't change it for the world!

What did you get up to this summer?

Until next time!