Sunday, 14 September 2014

Autumn Fashion Wish List!

Soooo my excitement for Autumn has really hit hard ahh! So Autumn officially starts in 12 days people, 12 DAYS. Although I won't be in the UK on the first week of Autumn as I'll be off to Spain getting my last taste of summer I am already starting to slowly buy this years Autumn clothes and creating little wish lists, which today I have decided to show some current Autumn clothing pieces I am wishing to buy! I might even do a part 2 like last year who knows?

Blanket wraps
New Look - £24.99

So with the end of summer you thought that it was the end of kimonos? Oh no no no, New Look have released these much more autumn suited thicker kimono styled cardigan with these blanket wraps. With its warm tones of colour and Aztec design it just screams Autumn, also with this time of year not overly too cold yet these will be perfect for those warm Autumn afternoons. I think these would look great with a black long sleeved top on underneath with some skinny jeans and either cute flats or maybe some boots.

Printed shorts
Aeropostale - £23.49

Okay I am just going to say it now but I am a huge fan of Bethany Mota! I have watched her videos for years and I seriously envy her she is just my idol. Anyway still on the topic of Aztec print I have absolutely fallen in love with these printed shorts from Bethany Mota's Autumn collection! I adore the colour scheme on these and they are high waisted! I would style these with a plain top as the shorts are dramatic with some tights and again either flats or cute boots.

Scarf Embroidery Skirt
Forever 21 - £11.50

Wearing loud patterns can sometimes make me feel a little nervous, however I have found this adorable Victorian inspired skater skirt from Forever 21. And although it does have mad pattern its in a dark burgundy making it more subtle plus burgundy is my all time favourite Autumn clothing colour to wear so what is not to love with this skirt? Plus you can get your hands on this for under £12 bargain!

Honeycomb Knit Crew Neck Jumper
New Look - £19.99

My usual Autumn wardrobe is filled with lots of burgundy, black and white items and that is pretty much it. So this year I am hoping to expand and try out new colours, one of which is green! (And other colours I am hoping to try out are oranges and mustard yellow) So I thought what could be better than the classic knitted jumper and that's when I found this lovely piece on the New Look website. You can get this in 5 colours which are: Khaki green, burgundy, pink, orange and yellow. I think this will be a great staple piece to pair with legging or jeans for a laid back casual look.

Classic Utility Coat
Forever 21 - £18.00

Well the first thing I'd like to point out is that I am chuffed I found a coat I actually liked for under £20 woo hoo! Last year it was all about parka coats which if I am honest, I wasn't a big fan of and having a fluffy edged coat may seem cute at the time however once it gets wet in the rain which happens a lot here in the UK, it does generally get ruined and go all disgusting (yuck.) So having soggy fur around your face is not a good look. However I have always loved the army jacket kind of design but with out the camo print, and Forever 21 have produced these! You can get this in 4 different colours including khaki, navy, rust and a beige however I thought the first three looked better. This coat does not have the fur edged hood and doesn't look like a massive thick winter coat as I mentioned before it doesn't get too cold during Autumn. So this looks to me to be the perfect Autumn coat.

Cut Out Boots
ASOS - £38.00

Another trend that popped up last Autumn last year was leather cut out boots with buckles on them, however I am so picky I couldn't find a pair I liked and beside nearly everyone at college was wearing the same pair. However I have recently stumbled upon these cut out boots on ASOS that will look amazing with some many Autumn outfits I can already justify spending £40 on them! The cut out sections aren't too massive, it have a low heel with huge soles to face the Autumn weather, I am definitely buying my self a pair of these when I come back from my holiday!

So that is a sneak peek in to my current Autumn clothing wish list!
If you would like to see a part two be sure to let me know :}

What's on your Autumn wish list?
Until next time!

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