Wednesday, 10 September 2014

3 Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter review!

Hello everyone! First of all I'd like to apologise for the lack of activity on here, I've actually been ill and just started going back to college which was all manic however all is well and I'm much better now so it's back to normal blogging woo hoo!

So today I doing a mini review on some Revlon Lip Butter's I have recently got my hands on. I was out shopping a few weeks ago and stopped in a TK Maxx, shocker I know, however there wasn't much new products in the beauty section until I noticed this on one of the shelves and noticed the amazing price tag! I've always wanted to try the Revlon Lip Butter's however priced at £7.99 each from Superdrug or Boots it sounds like a lot of money for just a lip butter or fancy lip balm. However TK Maxx was selling this at a reduced price, this little set would of originally costed around £19 but instead I got 3 Revlon lip butters for £7.99! Which comes in at around each lip butter costing £2.66 each, Bargain!

Now for some reason the camera's zoom was so powerful that you can see black and the individual pixels on the shades, I promise it does not look all discoloured! Anyway back to the product, the three shades that came in this little pack are: Peach Parfait which is a peachy shimmery shade, Berry Smoothie which is a dark purple with subtle shimmer and Strawberry Shortcake which is light pink shade with less shimmer.

Application of the product is simple and it have a lovely texture of being moisturising but not being too sticky. Sticky lip products are a no no, I don't enjoy getting my long hair stuck to my lip, gross. However there is none of that with these! Durability is also good, As this is a lip butter and not a lipstick I would say this product will last for a couple of hours before having to reapply so I suggest keeping one in your bag to top up during the day.

The colour is also build-able so if you wanted a more darker lip it is possible to some degree. The pink shade is obviously lighter and will require more working on to achieve more colour, however if a subtle look is what you are going for I definitely recommend the lighter shades compared to the darker shades. Berry Smoothie is the darkest shade however it is actually my favourite as it is perfect if you want to rock a slightly darker lip but feeling a bit anxious to wear dark lipstick then this is an amazing alternative for the Autumn dark lip trend.

Overall I have fallen in love with this product and I would purchase more even if they are £7.99  each as I feel they are definitely worth the price tag! However if you can, always check the beauty section in TK Maxx as you can find some absolute bargains in there.

Have you ever tried the Revlon Lip Butter?
Until next time!