Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Torreblanca Spain: Photos!

Hello everyone! If you've read my last few blog posts you may already know that I was going away on holiday with my boyfriend! Well my wonderful week in Spain has flown by and I miss it already, but at least I had a little get away and now tomorrow is October and I'm all ready for Autumn.  But I thought I'd share some photos I took while out there, they aren't amazing quality as I did use my phone but they turned out pretty good!
Top of the hill in Torreblanca

Gorgeous flowers around where I stayed

Beach at sunset

My Ferrero Rocher ice-cream in front and James's KitKat ice-cream

First day exploring the beach

More pretty scenery

My Blue lagoon cocktail, which had way too much vodka in it to be drinking during the day;)

Day trip to Gibraltar

The beautiful ceiling in St Michael's cave which had colourful lights everywhere

More features in the cave

The closest I've ever been to a monkey!

A monkey that had stolen a pack of oreos

The view from halfway up the rock!

A relaxing evening on the beach

Little floral OOTD, Top from Dorothy Perkins, Floral skirt from TopShop.

James and I had late night ice cream on the beach after a date<3

So there is a little peek into my Spanish get away! I would very happily return here as I had such an amazing week<3

Until next time!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Get to know me TAG!

Hello everyone!

I kind of feel like I haven't been posting on here as much as I like to which saddens me a lot! Life did get a little bit hectic for a while with college/college work, I'm also having to play catch up as I'm going on holiday which does mean I missing lectures,homework and general lesson time so I'm trying my best to get everything done before I go so there's little to do when I get home. I've also become ill TWICE. Like seriously as much as I like being back at college the amount of ill people around is distressing, as you don't want to be rude or offend them by avoiding them but at the same time you really want to avoid them to prevent yourself from getting ill, I'm just too friendly for my own good sometimes.

However I filmed this video recently and just posted it so this will be my last YouTube video of September! I am hoping to do at least another actual blog post before I go and if I have the time I will try to type up and schedule some posts while I'm away to fill the gap! I already have Autumn videos planned and ready to go, they just need to be filmed and edited so I'm sure many of you will be excited for October. 

So here is the Get to know me TAG!


Until next time!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Autumn Fashion Wish List!

Soooo my excitement for Autumn has really hit hard ahh! So Autumn officially starts in 12 days people, 12 DAYS. Although I won't be in the UK on the first week of Autumn as I'll be off to Spain getting my last taste of summer I am already starting to slowly buy this years Autumn clothes and creating little wish lists, which today I have decided to show some current Autumn clothing pieces I am wishing to buy! I might even do a part 2 like last year who knows?

Blanket wraps
New Look - £24.99

So with the end of summer you thought that it was the end of kimonos? Oh no no no, New Look have released these much more autumn suited thicker kimono styled cardigan with these blanket wraps. With its warm tones of colour and Aztec design it just screams Autumn, also with this time of year not overly too cold yet these will be perfect for those warm Autumn afternoons. I think these would look great with a black long sleeved top on underneath with some skinny jeans and either cute flats or maybe some boots.

Printed shorts
Aeropostale - £23.49

Okay I am just going to say it now but I am a huge fan of Bethany Mota! I have watched her videos for years and I seriously envy her she is just my idol. Anyway still on the topic of Aztec print I have absolutely fallen in love with these printed shorts from Bethany Mota's Autumn collection! I adore the colour scheme on these and they are high waisted! I would style these with a plain top as the shorts are dramatic with some tights and again either flats or cute boots.

Scarf Embroidery Skirt
Forever 21 - £11.50

Wearing loud patterns can sometimes make me feel a little nervous, however I have found this adorable Victorian inspired skater skirt from Forever 21. And although it does have mad pattern its in a dark burgundy making it more subtle plus burgundy is my all time favourite Autumn clothing colour to wear so what is not to love with this skirt? Plus you can get your hands on this for under £12 bargain!

Honeycomb Knit Crew Neck Jumper
New Look - £19.99

My usual Autumn wardrobe is filled with lots of burgundy, black and white items and that is pretty much it. So this year I am hoping to expand and try out new colours, one of which is green! (And other colours I am hoping to try out are oranges and mustard yellow) So I thought what could be better than the classic knitted jumper and that's when I found this lovely piece on the New Look website. You can get this in 5 colours which are: Khaki green, burgundy, pink, orange and yellow. I think this will be a great staple piece to pair with legging or jeans for a laid back casual look.

Classic Utility Coat
Forever 21 - £18.00

Well the first thing I'd like to point out is that I am chuffed I found a coat I actually liked for under £20 woo hoo! Last year it was all about parka coats which if I am honest, I wasn't a big fan of and having a fluffy edged coat may seem cute at the time however once it gets wet in the rain which happens a lot here in the UK, it does generally get ruined and go all disgusting (yuck.) So having soggy fur around your face is not a good look. However I have always loved the army jacket kind of design but with out the camo print, and Forever 21 have produced these! You can get this in 4 different colours including khaki, navy, rust and a beige however I thought the first three looked better. This coat does not have the fur edged hood and doesn't look like a massive thick winter coat as I mentioned before it doesn't get too cold during Autumn. So this looks to me to be the perfect Autumn coat.

Cut Out Boots
ASOS - £38.00

Another trend that popped up last Autumn last year was leather cut out boots with buckles on them, however I am so picky I couldn't find a pair I liked and beside nearly everyone at college was wearing the same pair. However I have recently stumbled upon these cut out boots on ASOS that will look amazing with some many Autumn outfits I can already justify spending £40 on them! The cut out sections aren't too massive, it have a low heel with huge soles to face the Autumn weather, I am definitely buying my self a pair of these when I come back from my holiday!

So that is a sneak peek in to my current Autumn clothing wish list!
If you would like to see a part two be sure to let me know :}

What's on your Autumn wish list?
Until next time!

Be sure to watch my channel! Lots of Autumn videos are being planned as you're reading this! 

Friday, 12 September 2014

What's in my college bag TAG!

(Apologises for the low quality screen shot)

Hello everyone! And I am back today with a tag video! So since its back to school season with people still picking up last minute bits I thought I'd show you all what I put in my everyday college bag.


What do you pack in your college bag?

Until next time!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

3 Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter review!

Hello everyone! First of all I'd like to apologise for the lack of activity on here, I've actually been ill and just started going back to college which was all manic however all is well and I'm much better now so it's back to normal blogging woo hoo!

So today I doing a mini review on some Revlon Lip Butter's I have recently got my hands on. I was out shopping a few weeks ago and stopped in a TK Maxx, shocker I know, however there wasn't much new products in the beauty section until I noticed this on one of the shelves and noticed the amazing price tag! I've always wanted to try the Revlon Lip Butter's however priced at £7.99 each from Superdrug or Boots it sounds like a lot of money for just a lip butter or fancy lip balm. However TK Maxx was selling this at a reduced price, this little set would of originally costed around £19 but instead I got 3 Revlon lip butters for £7.99! Which comes in at around each lip butter costing £2.66 each, Bargain!

Now for some reason the camera's zoom was so powerful that you can see black and the individual pixels on the shades, I promise it does not look all discoloured! Anyway back to the product, the three shades that came in this little pack are: Peach Parfait which is a peachy shimmery shade, Berry Smoothie which is a dark purple with subtle shimmer and Strawberry Shortcake which is light pink shade with less shimmer.

Application of the product is simple and it have a lovely texture of being moisturising but not being too sticky. Sticky lip products are a no no, I don't enjoy getting my long hair stuck to my lip, gross. However there is none of that with these! Durability is also good, As this is a lip butter and not a lipstick I would say this product will last for a couple of hours before having to reapply so I suggest keeping one in your bag to top up during the day.

The colour is also build-able so if you wanted a more darker lip it is possible to some degree. The pink shade is obviously lighter and will require more working on to achieve more colour, however if a subtle look is what you are going for I definitely recommend the lighter shades compared to the darker shades. Berry Smoothie is the darkest shade however it is actually my favourite as it is perfect if you want to rock a slightly darker lip but feeling a bit anxious to wear dark lipstick then this is an amazing alternative for the Autumn dark lip trend.

Overall I have fallen in love with this product and I would purchase more even if they are £7.99  each as I feel they are definitely worth the price tag! However if you can, always check the beauty section in TK Maxx as you can find some absolute bargains in there.

Have you ever tried the Revlon Lip Butter?
Until next time!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

August Favourites!

Hello everyone!

Can you believe August is over and its September oh my god! But I am so excited for the next 4 months as I have so much to look forward to and so many videos and blog posts already planned! (Yes I really am that keen)

But without further ado here is my August Favourites:

I hope you all had a wonderful August!
Until next time!

Monday, 1 September 2014

My Summer 2014 round up!

I cannot get over how quickly Summer 2014 have just been and gone! I mean after 2 months off I and officially back in full time college next week ahh! Although I will admit I am looking forward to go back college as I get to spend lots of time with my college friends who I don't see as often outside of college.

So I thought I'd post a big round up of my Summer 2014!

17th Birthday

So even though it wasn't summer holidays yet and it was still May I still want to mention it: I had the most wonderful 17th Birthday! My friends and family spoilt me rotten and gave me wonderful memories at my Birthday meal!

Family BBQ's

So every summer its guaranteed my family will have a BBQ and boy did we have many! I also attended some with my boyfriend and his family but it did get chilly in the evening hence why we're all wrapped it in blankets in the summer! (He was also a little bit tipsy in the photo oops.) 

Boyfriends Birthday meal!

Considering this was such an amazing evening on a special day this is the only photo I have from the night! For my boyfriend's 17th I booked a table at Pizza Hut (a.k.a food of the gods) for us and all our close friends which was such a lovely evening, which then led to being all us being brought back to the house where alcohol and games occurred followed by feeling horrible at college the next day, definitely don't drink on a college night.

Mutiny in the park!

(I am front row far left with the black top on and arm in the air woo hoo!)

I also attended Mutiny in the park, which was such a great day filled with amazing music and lots of dancing. I managed to spend pretty much most of the time front row which made it all the better! I also got super bad sun burn though!

Getting to see my best friend!

This may seem a little weird to people who don't understand us, but me and my beautiful chummy Beth have been best friends since year 9, we were in all of each others classes and always sat together and have tonnes of memories and inside jokes its ridiculous! But we unfortunately got separated as we went to completely different colleges and mixed with high work load, part time jobs and not living too near each other it got near impossible to see each other, it saddens me we're not as close as we used to be but we still talk all the time on Facebook and when we have the time off  we meet up and go out for Costa's or out to dinners which make me very happy!

Finding little vintage cafes

On a random summer afternoon filled with boredom my boyfriend and I decided we'd go out for lunch and ice cream in a little cafe we was told about near by! It was such a sweet afternoon and I got to see many cafes I didn't even know existed and we found this one that had a little ice cream parlour so we stopped for ice cream and I had the yummiest bubblegum ice-cream sundae it was amazing.

Going to Brighton with Emma!

Me and Emma have known each other for quite some time as we attended the same secondary school, however we was never really close or even spoke much! However since going to college and finding each others blog we had slowly started talking more and the next thing you know we're heading off to Brighton for the first time on our own going to a blogger event (and sending each other ugly selfies at 2am oh yes;) ) But Brighton and the blogger event was so amazing with Emma and as a result I now consider Emma one of my really close friends!

Meeting Aileen!

Another cheesy one! But me and Aileen have been texting for what felt like so long and we finally met in August and it was so so nice and she is honestly so lovely, I just wished she lived closer so we could go shopping all the time! But yes thank you Aileen for being such a wonderful friend to talk to when I need it no matter how early or late!

So I think this about covers my Summer 2014! It have honestly been an amazing summer and even though I didn't get to do everything I wanted to I wouldn't change it for the world!

What did you get up to this summer?

Until next time!