Sunday, 24 August 2014

#SEBloggers meet up in Brighton: The photos! ♥ ♥


Hello everyone! So if you have been in the loop about blogger events, you may of heard about a bloggers meet up in the South East which was in Brighton! It was created by two very lovely girlies; Aileen and Lottie, and it was such a lovely day and brand new experience and I loved every second of it! Just as a warning now this going to be a picture heavy post, I will be uploading a haul and video during the week!

The wonderful bloggers who attended:

and Myself of course!

First stop, Costa! Red berry fruit cooler is my absolute favourite!

 #Selfie with Emma!

 Shopping in HomeSense!
 More mirror selfies with Emma and Imogen caught in the shot!

 HomeSense goodies!

Gorgeous girlies Oliva, Naomi and Tori!

Pizza express!

Our lush starter! 

 Box Swap goodies!



Cute boots! 

 Urban Outfitters!

 My self, Aileen and Naomi!

 Selfie with Aileen<3

 When me and Emma took a stroll to the beach!

Cheeky OOTD! Will be featured in the video!

So a big big thank you to everyone for making my first bloggers meet up a special one! It was also super exciting getting to finally meet my girlie Aileen ah! 

A mini haul/box swap post and video will be out so keep your eyes peeled c:

Until next time!