Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Autumn eye shadow palette: E.L.F Little Black Beauty Book- Warm Edition!

Now I know its still August and many of you may be clinging on to the last month of Summer or might say its too early to be even thinking about Autumn let alone blogging about it but.. I honestly cannot wait for Autumn time to arrive! From September - New years its probably my favourite four months of the year, Autumn/Winter means wearing the comfy jumpers, also going back to college, Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas season are all my absolute favourite! Plus it's officially Autumn here in the UK as of 22nd of September which is only a month away ah!

So since I've been feeling the excitement early I thought I'd share this palette I've been loving which I think will be perfect for the Autumn time. I actually recently picked up this little beauty from TK Maxx (Shocker right there!) And this palette is also really inexpensive as it only costed £4.99 compared to spending near on £40 for a Urban Decay Naked palette which is my favourite yet very pricey eye shadow. 

Now when the title says 'Little' it really is a little palette! Despite the large packaging and looking larger in photos this really is a sweet little palette with the shadows at just the right size to be used with an eye shadow brush. Like most eye shadow's it comes with those little eye shadow applicators but I really only use them for swatching the colours rather than using them to apply any of it. 

Looking at the colours you can see they are all subtle neutrals besides the random pop of blue which I guess you can try out if you fancy switching it up a bit, but I'm not really one for bright blue eye shadow personally. I do also like the mirror it comes with, it's the right size to actually see what you are doing plus having makes it more useful to have on the go.

The left hand side of the palette consists of many browns and coppery shadows with the odd 3 darker shades of brown at the bottom. I've never really used any coppery shades before so it will be interesting to try out different Autumn make up using the orangey colours much like the Autumn leaves.

Meanwhile the right side of the palette is bit more random with lots of dark shades of brown, burgundy dark greens and the odd pop of blue. However on the second to last row there are some lighter shades that I have been liking, which I use as a base on the inner eye lid.

So overall, I think this little palette is perfect for fall time make up! Which a range of dark neutrals to choose from, its small size and mirror making it portable it is a wonderful product! I love the quality of the eye shadows considering its low price of £4.99 for 48 shades! Which works out at just over 10p per shade. I also think this would also make a wonder gift for someone! Unfortunately the e.l.f website does not have this palette in stock right now so you might just have to check out your local TK Maxx and see if there are any in stock at the beauty section as new stock are constantly flowing in!

What is your go to autumn make up palette?

Until next time have a wonderful day!