Sunday, 3 August 2014

July favourites! ☀

Wow, I cannot believe July is over already I mean are we in August already?! 2014 is flying by. Since July was such a busy month for me I decided to do a favourites post, I don't do these every month just the months I feel like I've tried lots of new products in.

Favourite makeup products of July

Over July I have been trying out some new products and here's what I have been loving:

Beauty UK kindly sent me this palette to try out and I have been wearing it most days! The colours are surprising pigmented which makes it a great alternative to my Naked 2 palette. I'd say the eye shadow lasts up to around 6-8 hours depending on the occasion. But overall, besides the one shade that got smashed, I love the quality of it! 

Tarte glowlight Amazonian clay corrective wand

This was another one of those TK.Maxx bargains as this only costed £2.99! I have always adored reading Tarte review posts and seeing them appear in people hauls, but these are only available from Sephora in America so it can be hard to get hold of these. But this correcting wand is a great on dark under eye circles and I have been using this daily. The only downside is I'm not sure how I'm going to replace this when I run out!

Smashbox Photo finish primer

I have recently done on a blog post on this which you can read here. But as a quick over all this product is amazing at keeping your makeup in place all day which is perfect for long hot summer days.

Elizabeth Arden cream blush in Honey

I got this as a birthday present back in May but I have been wearing when I go out in the evenings in cooler temperatures as its not ideal for hot weather, however it blends well with my BB cream and I love the colour of this product.

Favourite products of July

Micella cleansing water

This is another product I have reviewed recently which you can read here. But as a quick overview this product does a wonderful job of removing all of your make up (even mascara might I add), without irritating your skin and it removes any kind of dirt on your face, even the dirt you cannot necessarily see. 

Soap & Glory the righteous butter

As its summer having silky smooth skin is a must! Whether is your legs or your arms it has to be soft. So after every time I have a bath or shower I have been using this body butter and it has left my skin so silky, a definite summer must.

Nivea antiperspirant energy fresh

I have always preferred roll on deodorant as I feel it does the job properly and actually lasts all day! (plus I got out of sharing deodorant in P.E when I was at school) Most have a subtle clean scent, similar to the standard soap smell. However the scent on this product is very fresh and clean. The actual scent is also a lot more powerful as you can get a strong scent of it as you apply it, it's great for the summer and I have enjoyed using it a lot!

L'Oreal Matt & Messy Sea Salt spray

I have actually already featured this product in a previous favourites however it is so good I'm featuring it again! Having long hair in the summer is such hard work, I actually envy those who look great with short hair, short hair on me doesn't look so good. Most days in the summer I'm putting my hair up in pony tails and buns just to get it out of my face, however when wearing it down my hair can be difficult and hard to style, however with a few sprays of this it gives my hair great texture and sits a lot better!

Favourite read of July

Its been a busy summer so I actually haven't read any books yet oops. I have however enjoyed reading some fashion magazines! These magazine are filled with so much; makeup, perfume, the latest fashion trends, celebrities, health and body, hilarious submitted confessions and stories and even free product samples.

Random favourite of July

For my random favourite its 'my new' camera! It's not actually mine but my boyfriend got this a couple years ago and this poor camera has spent most of its time in its box on a shelf, so after some persuasion he has been letting me use it for my blog. (Just in case you're wondering how I took the photo of the camera, its actually one out of two cameras I use for my blog.) So the camera I am using is the Fujifilm Finepix S3200, its 14 Megapixels and has 24x optical zoom and a 3 inch LCD camera. It's my first ever bridge camera and I've had a lot of fun playing with it and learning how to use it! I actually used this camera to take pictures of my FOTD and Real Techniques brushes blog posts!

July round up

In July I also attended a dance music festival in my home city 'Mutiny in the park'. It was an amazing day filled with hours of dancing away, and I over all had the best time. In July I also purchased some colourful shorts (pictured above) to wear to the festival, these are my current favourite pair of shorts I own as they are so floaty and light.

Instagram adventures:
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1.Breakfast pancakes 2.Black and white dress 3. Bubblegum sundae 4. New Ted Baker makeup bag 5. Mutiny in the park festival 6. Real technique brushes

I hope you all had a wonderful July and here's to an even better August!

Do you have any plans for August?

Until next time!