Thursday, 7 August 2014

Dresser top DIYs and Recycling PART 2- Reusing old candles and more!

Hello everyone! Since so many of you enjoyed my first post on dresser top DIY's, I thought I'd make a part two for you all to try out at home!

#1 Using Old Candles- DIY Ring Tin/Sanitiser holder

To make this very cute DIY, all you need is an old candle! It can a burnt out one, or one that's melted all the wax it doesn't matter. And here are the very simple steps:

#1 Put the candle in the freezer for at least 1 hour.

Once frozen with a little bit wiggling the wax will slip right on out taking the candle wick with it.

#2 Remove the frozen wax

Due to my tin being an awkward shape the wax crumbled out, however with a normal glass candle it does just slip out less awkwardly.

#3 Rinse any remaining wax out of your container

This just gets rid the last little crumbs of bits of wax that may be left inside.

#4 Fill with what you desire

With this tin I turned it into a ring tin and I had no where to store my rings, plus the pink tin looked adorable on my dresser.

I also did this DIY on a little glass candle, which I now use to store my hand sanitisers and a little sample make up remover.

#Reusing old packaging

Got some old packaging you're about to throw out? Well stop right there, why not recycle them by creating little organisers to group products together!

To created the tub of 'lotions and potions' all I did was:
 Take any old packaging that you won't be needing, here I used the old tub that contained my rose fairy lights.
 Remove the labels to make it more visually pleasing on your desk. An optional step here is that you can decorate or label the tub, I unfortunately didn't have any labels left to decorate this one, but I would have but a label on saying 'lotions and potions'.

Take any products you want grouped together, I chose to keep my less used lotions together.

And simple pop them in and arrange them in any way you want! And that is literally it for little organisers, they are very useful at keeping products together rather than cluttered on top of draws, plus it recycling product which is good for the environment,less of that nasty plastic!

You may even find some packaging already nicely decorated, as I found this old box with woodland design on it that orgainally contain a mug! So instead of chucking it away I popped in my bronzers and a golden elf blush.

You can even find some retro tins!You may have seen YouTuber's like Zoella who stored make up in old Jacob's cream crackers tins, taking inspiration from this I had this empty tin left over from the dib dab's my boyfriend bought me. So I decided to put my favourite lipsticks and lip balms inside. Didn't cost any money and looks adorable on my dresser!

So there is part two to my dresser top DIYs!

What was your favourite DIY?

Until next time!