Saturday, 9 August 2014

Derma V10- Chalk It Up: Rainbow Hair Chalk Review!

Hello everyone! Today I'll be showing you something a little different as its rainbow hair chalk! Many of you may have seen this trend pop up with many different brands including The Body Shop releasing temporary hair colours using chalk. The brand I will be showing you today is the Derma V10 hair chalk. It's actually one of the cheaper brands as this pack of 6 hair chalk costs only £1 from your local Poundland compared to £5 pack of 1 chalk from The Body Shop.

The pack contains 6 colours; Pink, Purple, Yellow Blue, Green and Red. A nice variety of colours to play around with. I decided to use mermaid inspired colours and used Pink,Purple and Blue on the ends of my hair to test it out!

Which turned out great! Although it does say it can be applied to dry hair it didn't actually work at all on dry hair so I definitely recommend having a water spray to hand to dampen your hair first so the colour comes out! I know it works on my blonde hair but I do believe the brighter colours will work on darker hair colours with some extra water as I only needed a little bit of water to get the colour on to my hair.

I then actually took some inspiration from Pinterest and decided to make a rainbow fishtail plait. I then had lots of fun and kinda went to town but adding whole streaks of colour instead of just the ends and then did a fishtail plait which is super easy to do. I can do a tutorial on it if any one wants me to!

Slight warning though! This chalk is messy and will stain your hands as I discovered, so if you have pretty white bed sheets and pillows be sure to wash the chalk out of your hair before you go to bed otherwise it will transfer and stain your lovely sheets.

Over all I think this little product is great! Costs only £1 and its so much fun to use. It would be great for festivals, fancy dress parties or maybe even Halloween! I can see a wide range of ages loving these from adults to children wanting some fun with temporary bright hair colours!

What do you think hair chalk?

Until next time!