Sunday, 31 August 2014

LUSH: Think Pink Bath Bomb Review!

Hello everyone! And I am back with another LUSH bath bomb blog post! This has sort of become a monthly thing which I am certainly not complaining about as I absolutely love LUSH's bath bombs.

So today I have the Think Pink bath bomb, which only cost £2.50 for this little beauty. Scent wise this product contains vanilla and tonka making it smell sweet but not over powering! And due to LUSH being a wonderful company the vanilla they use is fair trade on top of being against testing on animals, which is such a lovely quality to have and I personally think animal testing should be a thing of the past, so you go LUSH! And although you cannot smell it this bath bomb also contains lavender oil which has a calming and soothing effect on you and your mood. And as if this bath bomb couldn't get any better with its pretty looks and wonderful ingredients it also have a little surprise inside!

Once popped in this little bath bomb fizzed away very quickly! (So quickly that this was the only shot I got.) But it is a smaller bath bomb compared to the larger standard size bath bombs. But as you would expect this pretty bath bomb turned your water pink.

However the little surprise is that its filled with tiny confetti hearts which I think was such a lovely touch and it makes your bath feel a bit more special without adding any extra effort. Making this the perfect bath bomb to pop in after a long day and you want a little pick me up.

The only down side to this product is that it did stain my bath edges pink and I had to scrub to get it off but I assure it will come off just may take some elbow grease! 

So what do you think of the Think Pink bath bomb?

Until next time!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Brighton Haul/Box Swap/Gift bag!

Hello everyone and I am back with the part two to my Brighton post! If you saw my last post it included many pictures of the #SEBloggers meet up and me just basically outlining what we got up to. And now I finally have the haul, box swap and Goody bag contents to show you all!

If you would like to see EVERYTHING I got plus some Brighton footage then here is my new video below:


However I do know some prefer blog posts which is okay because I did take some pictures of everything except the actually haul part! But you can see the box swap and Goody bag contents so prepare yourselves!

The Box Swap

Now I was lucky enough to swap with the lovely Olivia which you can see her blog here! Which I am totally loving the box its self with its pretty light blue floral design.

I was lucky enough to get not one, but three beautiful Barry M nail polishes from their Gelly Hi Shine collection! Which are in the shades; Papaya, Pomegranate and Rose Hip. Such gorgeous colour they will perfect for when I go to Spain in September!

I also got an eye shadow pencil by Collection in Vanilla Sky, its such a pretty champagne colour which is actually my all time favourite eye shadow colour so I'm super excited to start using this! 

And finally I got this wonderful little Hot cloth Cleanser kit! I love trying out new skin care products so I'm very excited about this one!

Goody bag

The lovely girls Aileen and Lottie who organised the meet up also arranged for everyone to receive a goody bag full of products! So I have pictured all the bits I've got!

The first bit I noticed in the bag was this amazing chocolate bar by the brand Hotel Chocolat, and I got this amazing bar which is so delicious it has literally been so hard not to eat this!

The piece I got was very exciting with a sample from Benefit with its lolli tint! I am so excited to try this product out after reading so many blog posts on it!

I also got a day cream from Urban Veda which is so exciting as it sounds amazing with its pore refining, mattifying and its for oil-prone skin which sounds like the perfect cream. And along with it I got products from Liz Earle, one is foot moisturiser and one is a conditioner.

From the same brand Liz Earle I got a perfume sample!

I also got range of nail varnishes with one from GOSH's stardust collection as well as 3 other nail varnishes from Nailgirls, one in royal blue, burgandy and another in a shimmery piny colour.

There was also a face mask! I love love love doing face masks so I'm looking forward to trying this out!

There was also a big pile of green tea which I must admit I've never tried before so that will be interesting!

There was also a little information sheet about Urban Veda and a 20% off code for ELF!

So that is everything I got in my goody bag! (So Alice if you are reading this then you've spoilt the surprised of what's in your goody bag ah!)

So I hope you enjoyed the post and video!
Until next time!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

#SEBloggers meet up in Brighton: The photos! ♥ ♥


Hello everyone! So if you have been in the loop about blogger events, you may of heard about a bloggers meet up in the South East which was in Brighton! It was created by two very lovely girlies; Aileen and Lottie, and it was such a lovely day and brand new experience and I loved every second of it! Just as a warning now this going to be a picture heavy post, I will be uploading a haul and video during the week!

The wonderful bloggers who attended:

and Myself of course!

First stop, Costa! Red berry fruit cooler is my absolute favourite!

 #Selfie with Emma!

 Shopping in HomeSense!
 More mirror selfies with Emma and Imogen caught in the shot!

 HomeSense goodies!

Gorgeous girlies Oliva, Naomi and Tori!

Pizza express!

Our lush starter! 

 Box Swap goodies!



Cute boots! 

 Urban Outfitters!

 My self, Aileen and Naomi!

 Selfie with Aileen<3

 When me and Emma took a stroll to the beach!

Cheeky OOTD! Will be featured in the video!

So a big big thank you to everyone for making my first bloggers meet up a special one! It was also super exciting getting to finally meet my girlie Aileen ah! 

A mini haul/box swap post and video will be out so keep your eyes peeled c:

Until next time!