Monday, 7 July 2014

Ted Baker Make Up Bag♥

Ah, the Ted Baker classic make up bag. I have adored this make up bag for the longest time after seeing countless photos of them, Youtubers with them like Sprinkleofglitter, I've also seen a fair few blog posts of people doing the 'What's in my make up bag tag' again with Ted Baker ones. Although the majority of them I saw was in the bright colour's, I actually prefer the black and rose pink ones.

So while on date night out with my boyfriend we ended up in a Ted Baker outlet just having a snoop around as we had time to kill before our film started at the cinema. (TFIOS was so good by the way) I spotted the make up bags and was having a little look when my boyfriend told me to pick one out as he felt like treating me to something he'd know I'd love and treasure. (Plus he's probably fed up of me going on about them) I do admit, I did spent a good ten minutes deciding if I wanted the pink bag with the black bow or the black bag with the pink bow, after a little debate in my head I went with the black one.

I actually got the bigger sized one, as the small one cost £14 but the large sized one was only two pounds extra at £16, which in its self is a great bargain as it's from an outlet £16 was it's reduced price, it's original price was £25! This make up bag fits so much in it which will come in handy when travelling. I am so in love with this bag and I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend.

What do think of Ted Baker make up bags?