Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Taking the next step- University hunting | Lifestyle

So a bit more a lifestyle personal post, but I guess I thought I'd blog and record the next big part of my life which is going to university. This little series of lifestyle posts will record my journey right from the start and right up into actually being in university, which I admit scares me a lot but it would be nice to read back on these posts and reflect on how I did.

So where am I now?
I am 17 years old, currently on the summer break after finishing year one of college and I'm half way through my A levels. I am getting ready to start year two at college and start university hunting so I can start applying in September.

At the moment I'm not stressing, I am however finding it overwhelming, I'm essentially choosing what I am going to be doing and where I will be living for the next three years of my life which is big for me. I guess I never really realised how close I am until I will be going to university and how serious the transition is from college to university. I'm the kind of person who likes to know what exactly is going on, when I applied for college when I was in secondary school I knew exactly what I was going to study and where I was going to study at least a year in advance plus I didn't have to leave home for it, so its safe to say I'm a little bit out of of my comfort zone.

Moving on, if you don't already know about the UK university application system you can only apply to a maximum of 5 universities. So from what I have learnt so far, is that you really have look around and find out as much information about the uni, bits like its courses, the accommodation and even the social life. Also don't just assume the first university you see is "the one" as I did, as I quickly discovered there is so much more.

I've been doing a mixture of reading many many websites and ordering their prospectus's! I mean it's free to order one and have it delivered to you and they do contain lots of information that isn't necessarily on their websites, which is another thing I've noticed when uni hunting.

So at this moment in time do I know what 5 universities I will be applying for? Hell no. I have some idea's and a few ideal choices however as of now I'm just looking,the next step would be taking all the universities I'm interested in and comparing the pros and cons about them and also looking at their results and data on the league tables. And then its the open days...

Well this was a very different post to write but I actually quite enjoyed it!

Are any of you interested in/going/just left university? I'm curious!

Until next time!