Monday, 21 July 2014

Sally Hansen Salon effect nail strips review!

So I have been obsessed with these nail strips for quite some time now and I even remember mentioning these on previous blog posts from earlier this year and I'm finally doing on blog post on it yay! Now although I love make up and beauty related bits and I do love having pretty painted nails, I actually don't really like actually doing them, as they take too long to dry and I end up smudging it and having to start all over again its can be pretty blergh. But these strips are an amazing alternative to nail polish, they last a long time and have no drying time which is great if you're really impatient like me.

To show how quick and easy the process actually is this is how I did it:

First things first I actually bought the Sally Hansen nail strips, I actually found these in my local pound land being sold off so I grabbed as many as I could afford at the time. But I do believe these are still available online! It includes the nail strips, nail file, cuticle stick and some instructions.

The little set provides you with a lot of different sized nail strips for you to pick and choose from so I just selected the ones they fit as closely to my nail as I could. It here when you also prep you nails with the file and push back your cuticles, which isn't a pleasant feeling I know.

Next I simply peeled off the plastic seal, peeled of the strip and stuck it on to the nail. Once fully stuck down you just file the excess strip ends off and you are done!

And there is my finished results, due to me having awkward sized pinky the nail sticker didn't really fit or cover the nail as well as the others however from a distance its hardly noticeable! I actually was wearing these in my photo for the British tag which you can see here. To take these off they come off with normal nail varnish remover although you will have to scrub a little harder on the glitter nail strips.

The also do a wide range of designs here are some (rather poor iPod quality) photos of other designs I've used!

Over all I love these nail strips and would definitely recommend them! They are great and very easy to use, a definite product I enjoy repurchasing.

Have you tried Sally Hansen salon effects?

Until next time!

P.s I do apologise for the lack of posting on my blog! I've been a real busy bee with doing extra hours at my part time job, staying away from home more often and more recently I've just been to a festival (which was amazing and I will blog about it) and danced all day and night and also got very sun burnt ouch. But I feel like three blog posts a week isn't as much as I'd ideally like to blogging while I'm on summer break so I'm hoping to pick this up a bit by writing some blog posts in advanced, but thank you all so much for still sticking around I appreciate it a lot<3