Sunday, 27 July 2014

Primark haul!❤

So a few weeks ago I went into Primark and came out with big ol' bag of goodies and empty purse oops! I am always 50:50 when it comes to Primark due to it having no online store and unpredictable stock I either come out nothing or forty pounds worth of stuff. My local Primark is usually packed and manic filled with people barging their way through however when my boyfriend and I got there it was later in the afternoon and lot more chilled, making it a nicer shopping experience compared to its usual 'grab what you can and barge in aisles'.

So first things first I actually picked up some homeware bits for my bedroom as it needed some changes.

For £10 I decided to treat myself to some new bedding! My old bedding was dark purple and all my others were a bit childish for me, so this much lighter cover really lightens my room plus I think the print is so pretty. And yes this is a single duvet cover, I am not blessed with owning a double bed yet..

To go with the new bedding I decided to also get a cushion to add to my bed, so I opted with this neutral coloured one with the definition of hug on it! I thought it was very sweet and it's neutral colour matched the bedding and it was only £4.

Another room accessory as these diamond shaped fairy lights. I really love fairy lights and I already own some white flowers ones which you can see in the cover photo, however I decided to pick up some more as I have a biggish room and want to have lots of little lights in it! If you couldn't tell by the picture these cost £3.

When in the queue at the till's I noticed these accessory hangers, I've actually been interested in these previously but never really went out looking for them, so when I found them for only £2 it was a quick and easy decision to buy them right away! Plus it's extremely useful as my necklace hanging ornament isn't very tall so my long necklaces still get tangled together despite being on hooks, so with this I hang it up high and store all my long necklaces.

Not related to my bedroom but I've never tried out using these egg shaped make up sponges before, and I always was curious to try them out for applying foundations so at only £1.50 I wasn't complaining!

I then picked just a couple of clothing bits;

First is this blossom baseball styled t-shirt, I thought the design was very pretty and it only costed £3. However this isn't something I'd where 'out out', it's definitely more for the causal days or travelling and when I go on holiday.

Now this a lot more me and something I'd wear out seeing friends or to college. It's a see through styled cream jumper, it's also very longer so you can wear it with leggings if you wanted to however I much prefer my skinny jeans. This jumper also goes great with a big statement necklace! Price wise it was down from £10 to £5 and it also came in lots of other colours.

I picked up these cute plimsolls for only £3! I got them just to wear on some casual days over the summer and to bring on holiday with me just as some comfy shoes.

I also picked up some plain black soft flats for £4. You can never go wrong with a pair of flats as they go with everything, I've actually bought these before and they really nice quality and lasted quite some time before I totalled them back in the winter oops. 

And for the last bit I bought, of course I could not leave Primark with out buying a pair of their cute socks. From my previous haul you'll know I opted for the watermelon graphic print ones and this time I went with Finding Nemo graphic print! Finding Nemo is actually one of my many favourite animated films so I just had to get the socks.

So that's all I bought from Primark this time!
What do you think of Primark's homeware range?

Until next time have a wonder day:)