Thursday, 24 July 2014

My Go To Beat The Heat Product: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer!

I cannot even begin to describe how inconvenient hot and humid days are when it comes to wanting to wear make up. It's like you can't! As you know damn well that as soon as you put it on it will come off half way through the day. And I'm not meaning a little bit smudged, I mean all down your face with sweat, which is not cute and you end up looking like a hot mess. And on hot days sometimes I don't even feel like applying make up in the first place, but when you got important events to turn up too while having a bad break out going bare faced isn't really an option.

And then I got this wonderful product: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Before I've never really used any primers or saw any need for them but I was so so wrong. This product does so much! It provides a perfect 'canvas' for you to apply your foundation to by reducing the appearance of fine line and your pores giving your skin a 'flawless look'. It also doesn't clog your pores and it reduces an oily T-zone which is great if you're like me and suffer with oily skin. 

Less is more with this little product! A pea sized amount will cover your whole face I kid you not. It leaves my skin feeling silky soft and allows my foundation to glide on easily with out looking oily or 'cakey'. With this product all my foundation and blush etc.. will stay on all day even on a hot a summery one. I've used this for days out and more recently to a 12  hour dance music festival and my make up look exactly the same as when I first applied it when I got home despite spending all day in the sun and dancing the night away, so I am very impressed and in love with it.

I guess some may argue its a little pricey retailing at £25 however you can a travel sized product of 12ml for £12.50, which will still last you a very long time considering you only need that small pea sized amount and no more! My small 7.1ml sized sample has lasted me a lot longer than what I was expecting and I'm definitely going to be purchasing a bigger sized product!

So need a product to keep your make up on over the summer?
Then you are missing out if you are not using a Smashbox primer!

Full sized product here for £25.
Travel sized product here for £12.50.

What do you think of Smashbox?

Until next time