Saturday, 12 July 2014

LUSH Haul!

So I may have treated my self to a splurge on nice bath goodies from LUSH! I wasn't too bad although I did spend £34 oops. But here's a little peep into what I picked up!

Dragons egg bath bomb- £3.25

I've always wanted to try this bath bomb out for the longest time and I finally got it! According to its description it fizzes and crackle and changes the colour of the bath water to a 'gorgeous citrusy gold' and its scent is lemon sherbet with a hint of jasmine. I am so excited to try it out!

Think Pink bath bomb- £2.50

So just by looking at it you can see it's going to create pretty pink water! This bath bomb also contains a little surprise as it contain confetti hearts that melt away in your bath which sounds so adorable! It also contains vanilla and tonka which adds a caramel undertone.

Twilight bath bomb- £3.25

Again this is another bath bomb I have been wanting to try for quite a while now! This is also a night time bath bomb as it contains essential oils like lavender oil to help insomnia and aid restful sleep! In terms of colour the bath bomb will start pink however as it dissolves the colour gets darker and turns into a dark shimmery purple just like a twilight.

Dorothy bubble bar- £3.25

I've never tried a bubble bar before so LUSH was definietly the place to go. I've seen a few of these bubble bars featured in other LUSH hauls and I wanted it just because it looks like a rainbow. However this bubble bar does have a ylang ylang and orange flower scent which is a floral fragrance that lifts your mood.

Ceridwn's Cauldron bath melt- £4.25
Again I haven't used a bath melt before however this product tackles dry and sensitive skin. You simply pop it into your bath which the bath melt will then release it oily oatmilk turning the water a creamy colour, You can then also use the bag as a wash cloth, can't wait to use this!

Avobath bath bomb-£3.25
No much to be said here, as you all know I have bought this before and completely adored it! Just in case you missed it I did a full blog post on it here.

Creamy candy bubble bar- £2.60
Although you cannot tell through your computer screens but oh my gosh does this smell amazing. It's very sweet with its candy floss scent! This bubble bar also has almond oil and butter chunks that melt on the surface of the water and gives your skin a velvety texture.

The comforter bubble bar-£4.50
This has also been another LUSH product I have been dying to get my hands on! And I am so excited to finally be able to try it out. It definitely a very pretty bubble bar with a berry scent! It also creates lots and lots of bubbles to help chill you out.

Mmmelting Marshmallow moment bath melt- £3.95
This is another very sweet smelling product which scent is said to remind you of dolly mixture and candy floss. Looking forward to this one!

 Granny takes a dip bath bomb- £3.25

Now this was actually the orginal bath bomb I went into LUSH for before I came home with all the others. I seen many photos of this bath bomb on my local LUSH's Facebook page and it's just been a major want ever since and yay I finally have it! Will hopefully do a blog post of this bath bomb in action. Its also a mood booster bath bomb.

Fizzbanger bath bomb- £3.25

Now I didn't actually buy this, when at the tills the lovely staff at my local LUSH actually gave this to me for free which I was surprised and really happy about! This bath bomb is a changing colour one with popping candy so its hopeful that it will be better than the Space Girl bath bomb's popping candy! It's also contain natural ingredients that help calm you.

So there is my a lot bigger LUSH haul! I can't believe how obsessed I'm getting with LUSH products at the moment ah! If there is any products in this haul that you want to blog about individually then let me know down below.

What's your favourite LUSH product? 

Until next time!