Sunday, 6 July 2014

LUSH bath bomb: Space Girl ☾☆

Hello everyone! I have been meaning to post about another LUSH bath bomb for a while now and it's finally here hurray! Space Girl was one of the bath bombs I was really hoping to find in my local LUSH store as it's just a LUSH classic. For those of you who haven't read my previous post which mentions a little bit of information about the Space Girl bath bomb here's a quick overview: Space girl is LUSH's cheapest bath bomb they currently sell at a small price of £2.35, as from the picture you can see it's almost shaped like the planet Saturn and in a very pretty lilac colour with red glitter ooh! In terms of scent it is very very similar to Parma Violets which is such a lovely sweet scent that brings back childhood memories for me.

One popped in the 'space dust' spread into very gorgeous mist of red and purple. Although this bath bomb is supposed to have popping candy in it, I unfortunately didn't hear or see too much popping. It's sweet scent did also fill the room however not as potent as the LUSH Avobath bath bomb I have tried before, however I consider this to be a good thing as it's a sweet scent rather than a fresh scent, I think if it was as overpowering in terms of scent similar to other bath bombs then the sweetness would be overwhelming and become quite sickly so overall LUSH has got the balance of scent and potency perfect.

Like all of LUSH's products and bath bombs, it contain all natural ingredients which can benefit you in many ways. In the Space Girl bath bomb a major ingredient is the Grapefruit oil which is not only refreshing and uplifting for your mood but also clarifies and tones your skin. Plus it contains Bergamot which makes you feel relaxed and cheerful. After a long soak with the Space Girl bath bomb I definitely had noticeable softer skin afterwards! Plus baths are already relaxing enough on their own however with this bath bomb I was beyond 'chillaxed'.

After fizzing away for a few minutes the bright colours started darken as the purple mixed with the red which it eventually all turned a dark dusky pink,which is not quite what I was expecting as I was hoping the overall outcome would be a lot brighter.

Overall I do really like this bath bomb and I would re-purchase and use it again however I much prefer the Avobath bath bomb. I love the scent of this product, and I absolutely adore how soft it makes my skin feel afterwards. I was kinda disappointed by the lack of popping candy and it's overall colour but that's just me getting over excited and expecting brighter colours. However this is only the second bath I've tried and I'm very keen to try out the rest of LUSH's range.

Have you ever tried Space Girl before?

Until next time!