Thursday, 31 July 2014

Garnier Micella Cleansing Water Review!

Makeup, It's something us ladies just can't seem to go without! According to this article almost half of women say they prefer wearing cosmetics than going 'bare-faced'. So when wearing makeup for anything up to 12 hours a day we have to care for our skin and actually fully remove the makeup to avoid nasty breakouts. Now I know how easy it is to just 'forget' to take your make up off and go straight to bed, it's just a lazy habit that can set in. Which is all fine until you wake up with red mountains on your face, gross.

You'll find most dermatologists are against using make up wipes and heres why: When it comes to make up like mascara it can involve scrubbing with a makeup wipe to get it off, which can cause eyelashes to fall out and irritate the delicate skin around your eye. Plus make up wipes may remove your make up however without the added step of rinsing your face with water (which most wipes don't tell you to do) the wipe can leave residue containing high concentrations of solublizers, surfactants and emulsifier (which are all active ingredients in the breakdown of makeup and help lifting oil and dead skin cells) as well as leaving a portion of the grime on your skin, even more gross.

So to avoid all these nasty leftovers I have been using Micellar water! And why is this product the holy grail make up remover for make up artists to make up lovers? It's super convenient, Only a few drops on a cotton pad is needed to remove a whole face of make up with no scrubbing or rinsing necessary. With it mainly being water the rinsing is already in the process, however this product also contain micelles. (Micelles vastly reduce the irritancy and reduce toxic effects.)

Now for the less sciency bit about it, this wonderful product contains no perfume! And with the micellar technology which works like a magnet capturing and lifting dirt away from the skin there will be no need to rub thus not having to irritate the skin making this the prefect makeup remover for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin!

You can find these in Boots for around £5 or £3.33 online however if you go to Savers you pick this up for only £2.99 for 400ml which is bargain price compared to Bioderma's water costing £10 for 250ml ouch. Only needing a few drops to remove your make up means this product will last, as it claims to have up to 200 uses per bottle, which if you used this everyday 2 bottles would last you over a year! £6 for over 13 months worth of makeup remover is an absolute steal! It's no wonder why the beauty world is going mad for them.
Overall I love this product and will  be repurchasing it! I definitely recommend this to all my lovely readers, family and friends.

Have you ever tried Micellar cleansing water?

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Until next time have a wonderful day!