Tuesday, 29 July 2014

FOTD- Smoky eyeshadow!✿

I've never posted or even thought about posting a FOTD before, however since I made an effort with my eye make up today I thought I might as well blog about it! This is actually how I wear my make up to college or out with friends, if I got up early enough to have the time to it! (If I got up late I skip the eye shadow and whack on some eye liner and mascara to make myself at least presentable) And as you can probably tell by the picture but my skin isn't in the greatest condition at the moment, the hot summer sunshine on my already oily skin actually causes me to break out especially on my forehead, as well as bringing out freckles on my nose, boo you summer! But from many years of dealing with spots I am pretty good at covering them up with make up which is a life saver for them rough college mornings. As it's just an everyday make up look I didn't use all my fancy make up otherwise they would run out quickly and can be expensive to replace! All the products I used were under £8.

The make up on my face is:

Nivea soft moisturiser
Collection 2000 colour match foundation
DIY concealer / eye shadow base (Blog post link)
Tarte glowlight clay corrective wand
Natural collection pressed powder
So Eco finishing brush

E.L.F Little Black Beauty Book warm edition
Unbranded eye shadow brushes
Miss Sporty fabulous LASH in Xtra Black
Collection 2000 brown precision kohl eye liner
P.S Love felt tip eye liner

What do you think?

Until next time!