Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A Hot Summer BBQ | A day in the life ☀

Today was a really hot day, like really hot for me. It was around 28-29°C, which may not seem that hot compared to other countries but my family and I was dying in the heat. (not literally obviously!) So during the day it was too hot to really do anything so when the evening came around we took full advantage of it and decided to have a small family BBQ on the decking so we can sit out side and enjoy the much cooler evening sun. Plus I love having family dinners.

And since I had my camera out trying out the different settings I decided to take some photos of our little BBQ:

As a starter while we waited for the food on the BBQ my mum made us a big tray of cheesy nachos to share. It looks so good I could eat it all over again.

With all the food out my cat Molly was instantly interested! She's a sneaky one who likes left over nacho cheese, which is a little weird for a cat but we love her

Just a picture I took of my legs while I was chilling waiting for dinner, I didn't take any pictures of our faces as we weren't really all looking photogenic after a hot summer day, to put it blunt we was all a hot mess.

Our BBQ! We use a charcoal BBQ instead of a gas one as you get the smoky flavour, also my dad thinks gas BBQ's are just "outside cookers" and not a real BBQ.

While my dad was dishing up the food I laid out the table all nice.

My brother's half constructed cheese burger. One out of three may I add!

My mum's perfect hot dog, she was pretty proud with how neat the sauces went on!

My finished dinner! I decided to go for a hot dog and I used one of the chicken breasts to make a chicken burger and I also chucked on a few cheeky cherry tomatoes.

And as a little treat, I had a blueberry ice cream with little yoghurt pieces on top mm delicious! 

So there was a little peep into my life!

What do you like to do with your family in the summer?

Until next time