Thursday, 31 July 2014

Garnier Micella Cleansing Water Review!

Makeup, It's something us ladies just can't seem to go without! According to this article almost half of women say they prefer wearing cosmetics than going 'bare-faced'. So when wearing makeup for anything up to 12 hours a day we have to care for our skin and actually fully remove the makeup to avoid nasty breakouts. Now I know how easy it is to just 'forget' to take your make up off and go straight to bed, it's just a lazy habit that can set in. Which is all fine until you wake up with red mountains on your face, gross.

You'll find most dermatologists are against using make up wipes and heres why: When it comes to make up like mascara it can involve scrubbing with a makeup wipe to get it off, which can cause eyelashes to fall out and irritate the delicate skin around your eye. Plus make up wipes may remove your make up however without the added step of rinsing your face with water (which most wipes don't tell you to do) the wipe can leave residue containing high concentrations of solublizers, surfactants and emulsifier (which are all active ingredients in the breakdown of makeup and help lifting oil and dead skin cells) as well as leaving a portion of the grime on your skin, even more gross.

So to avoid all these nasty leftovers I have been using Micellar water! And why is this product the holy grail make up remover for make up artists to make up lovers? It's super convenient, Only a few drops on a cotton pad is needed to remove a whole face of make up with no scrubbing or rinsing necessary. With it mainly being water the rinsing is already in the process, however this product also contain micelles. (Micelles vastly reduce the irritancy and reduce toxic effects.)

Now for the less sciency bit about it, this wonderful product contains no perfume! And with the micellar technology which works like a magnet capturing and lifting dirt away from the skin there will be no need to rub thus not having to irritate the skin making this the prefect makeup remover for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin!

You can find these in Boots for around £5 or £3.33 online however if you go to Savers you pick this up for only £2.99 for 400ml which is bargain price compared to Bioderma's water costing £10 for 250ml ouch. Only needing a few drops to remove your make up means this product will last, as it claims to have up to 200 uses per bottle, which if you used this everyday 2 bottles would last you over a year! £6 for over 13 months worth of makeup remover is an absolute steal! It's no wonder why the beauty world is going mad for them.
Overall I love this product and will  be repurchasing it! I definitely recommend this to all my lovely readers, family and friends.

Have you ever tried Micellar cleansing water?

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Until next time have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

FOTD- Smoky eyeshadow!✿

I've never posted or even thought about posting a FOTD before, however since I made an effort with my eye make up today I thought I might as well blog about it! This is actually how I wear my make up to college or out with friends, if I got up early enough to have the time to it! (If I got up late I skip the eye shadow and whack on some eye liner and mascara to make myself at least presentable) And as you can probably tell by the picture but my skin isn't in the greatest condition at the moment, the hot summer sunshine on my already oily skin actually causes me to break out especially on my forehead, as well as bringing out freckles on my nose, boo you summer! But from many years of dealing with spots I am pretty good at covering them up with make up which is a life saver for them rough college mornings. As it's just an everyday make up look I didn't use all my fancy make up otherwise they would run out quickly and can be expensive to replace! All the products I used were under £8.

The make up on my face is:

Nivea soft moisturiser
Collection 2000 colour match foundation
DIY concealer / eye shadow base (Blog post link)
Tarte glowlight clay corrective wand
Natural collection pressed powder
So Eco finishing brush

E.L.F Little Black Beauty Book warm edition
Unbranded eye shadow brushes
Miss Sporty fabulous LASH in Xtra Black
Collection 2000 brown precision kohl eye liner
P.S Love felt tip eye liner

What do you think?

Until next time!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Primark haul!❤

So a few weeks ago I went into Primark and came out with big ol' bag of goodies and empty purse oops! I am always 50:50 when it comes to Primark due to it having no online store and unpredictable stock I either come out nothing or forty pounds worth of stuff. My local Primark is usually packed and manic filled with people barging their way through however when my boyfriend and I got there it was later in the afternoon and lot more chilled, making it a nicer shopping experience compared to its usual 'grab what you can and barge in aisles'.

So first things first I actually picked up some homeware bits for my bedroom as it needed some changes.

For £10 I decided to treat myself to some new bedding! My old bedding was dark purple and all my others were a bit childish for me, so this much lighter cover really lightens my room plus I think the print is so pretty. And yes this is a single duvet cover, I am not blessed with owning a double bed yet..

To go with the new bedding I decided to also get a cushion to add to my bed, so I opted with this neutral coloured one with the definition of hug on it! I thought it was very sweet and it's neutral colour matched the bedding and it was only £4.

Another room accessory as these diamond shaped fairy lights. I really love fairy lights and I already own some white flowers ones which you can see in the cover photo, however I decided to pick up some more as I have a biggish room and want to have lots of little lights in it! If you couldn't tell by the picture these cost £3.

When in the queue at the till's I noticed these accessory hangers, I've actually been interested in these previously but never really went out looking for them, so when I found them for only £2 it was a quick and easy decision to buy them right away! Plus it's extremely useful as my necklace hanging ornament isn't very tall so my long necklaces still get tangled together despite being on hooks, so with this I hang it up high and store all my long necklaces.

Not related to my bedroom but I've never tried out using these egg shaped make up sponges before, and I always was curious to try them out for applying foundations so at only £1.50 I wasn't complaining!

I then picked just a couple of clothing bits;

First is this blossom baseball styled t-shirt, I thought the design was very pretty and it only costed £3. However this isn't something I'd where 'out out', it's definitely more for the causal days or travelling and when I go on holiday.

Now this a lot more me and something I'd wear out seeing friends or to college. It's a see through styled cream jumper, it's also very longer so you can wear it with leggings if you wanted to however I much prefer my skinny jeans. This jumper also goes great with a big statement necklace! Price wise it was down from £10 to £5 and it also came in lots of other colours.

I picked up these cute plimsolls for only £3! I got them just to wear on some casual days over the summer and to bring on holiday with me just as some comfy shoes.

I also picked up some plain black soft flats for £4. You can never go wrong with a pair of flats as they go with everything, I've actually bought these before and they really nice quality and lasted quite some time before I totalled them back in the winter oops. 

And for the last bit I bought, of course I could not leave Primark with out buying a pair of their cute socks. From my previous haul you'll know I opted for the watermelon graphic print ones and this time I went with Finding Nemo graphic print! Finding Nemo is actually one of my many favourite animated films so I just had to get the socks.

So that's all I bought from Primark this time!
What do you think of Primark's homeware range?

Until next time have a wonder day:)

Friday, 25 July 2014

Real Techniques Limited Edition Duo Fibre Set - TK Maxx Bargain!

I have wanted some Real Techniques brushes for the longest time,these have been on my wish list for over a year, but I never really got round to actually buying some, plus I thought they was a little on the pricey side. However after a little heads up from my friend about TK Maxx selling some Real Techniques brushes at a cheaper price I had to go look for my self and I found the last pack in my local store! However it was the day before pay day and I was broke so I did the cheeky "hide them in the store and hope they are still there on pay day" and to my relieve they was well hidden and still where I left them! 

The pack of Real Techniques I got is the limited edition white due fibre ones which claim to create a pixel perfect texture look. This set would normally cost you £23.99 from Boots, however I picked this babies up for £16.99 woo hoo!

This set includes 3 limited edition brushes:

The duo-fiber face brush- for lightweight application
The duo-fiber contour brush- for controlled contouring and sculpting
The duo-fiber eye brush- for finishing touches to the eye

Also as these brushes are duo-fiber they work with cream, liquid or powder for an 'unbelievably air-brushed finish'

These brushes are so so soft and I cannot wait to start experimenting different make up looks using these brushes! I'm impressed with its packaging as the brush come secured in a foam rectangle which can be kept for neat storage. So far so good, I am definitely interested in investing in more Real Techniques brushes.

What do you think of Real Techniques brushes?

Until next time have a wonderful day!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

My Go To Beat The Heat Product: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer!

I cannot even begin to describe how inconvenient hot and humid days are when it comes to wanting to wear make up. It's like you can't! As you know damn well that as soon as you put it on it will come off half way through the day. And I'm not meaning a little bit smudged, I mean all down your face with sweat, which is not cute and you end up looking like a hot mess. And on hot days sometimes I don't even feel like applying make up in the first place, but when you got important events to turn up too while having a bad break out going bare faced isn't really an option.

And then I got this wonderful product: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Before I've never really used any primers or saw any need for them but I was so so wrong. This product does so much! It provides a perfect 'canvas' for you to apply your foundation to by reducing the appearance of fine line and your pores giving your skin a 'flawless look'. It also doesn't clog your pores and it reduces an oily T-zone which is great if you're like me and suffer with oily skin. 

Less is more with this little product! A pea sized amount will cover your whole face I kid you not. It leaves my skin feeling silky soft and allows my foundation to glide on easily with out looking oily or 'cakey'. With this product all my foundation and blush etc.. will stay on all day even on a hot a summery one. I've used this for days out and more recently to a 12  hour dance music festival and my make up look exactly the same as when I first applied it when I got home despite spending all day in the sun and dancing the night away, so I am very impressed and in love with it.

I guess some may argue its a little pricey retailing at £25 however you can a travel sized product of 12ml for £12.50, which will still last you a very long time considering you only need that small pea sized amount and no more! My small 7.1ml sized sample has lasted me a lot longer than what I was expecting and I'm definitely going to be purchasing a bigger sized product!

So need a product to keep your make up on over the summer?
Then you are missing out if you are not using a Smashbox primer!

Full sized product here for £25.
Travel sized product here for £12.50.

What do you think of Smashbox?

Until next time

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A Hot Summer BBQ | A day in the life ☀

Today was a really hot day, like really hot for me. It was around 28-29°C, which may not seem that hot compared to other countries but my family and I was dying in the heat. (not literally obviously!) So during the day it was too hot to really do anything so when the evening came around we took full advantage of it and decided to have a small family BBQ on the decking so we can sit out side and enjoy the much cooler evening sun. Plus I love having family dinners.

And since I had my camera out trying out the different settings I decided to take some photos of our little BBQ:

As a starter while we waited for the food on the BBQ my mum made us a big tray of cheesy nachos to share. It looks so good I could eat it all over again.

With all the food out my cat Molly was instantly interested! She's a sneaky one who likes left over nacho cheese, which is a little weird for a cat but we love her

Just a picture I took of my legs while I was chilling waiting for dinner, I didn't take any pictures of our faces as we weren't really all looking photogenic after a hot summer day, to put it blunt we was all a hot mess.

Our BBQ! We use a charcoal BBQ instead of a gas one as you get the smoky flavour, also my dad thinks gas BBQ's are just "outside cookers" and not a real BBQ.

While my dad was dishing up the food I laid out the table all nice.

My brother's half constructed cheese burger. One out of three may I add!

My mum's perfect hot dog, she was pretty proud with how neat the sauces went on!

My finished dinner! I decided to go for a hot dog and I used one of the chicken breasts to make a chicken burger and I also chucked on a few cheeky cherry tomatoes.

And as a little treat, I had a blueberry ice cream with little yoghurt pieces on top mm delicious! 

So there was a little peep into my life!

What do you like to do with your family in the summer?

Until next time

Monday, 21 July 2014

Sally Hansen Salon effect nail strips review!

So I have been obsessed with these nail strips for quite some time now and I even remember mentioning these on previous blog posts from earlier this year and I'm finally doing on blog post on it yay! Now although I love make up and beauty related bits and I do love having pretty painted nails, I actually don't really like actually doing them, as they take too long to dry and I end up smudging it and having to start all over again its can be pretty blergh. But these strips are an amazing alternative to nail polish, they last a long time and have no drying time which is great if you're really impatient like me.

To show how quick and easy the process actually is this is how I did it:

First things first I actually bought the Sally Hansen nail strips, I actually found these in my local pound land being sold off so I grabbed as many as I could afford at the time. But I do believe these are still available online! It includes the nail strips, nail file, cuticle stick and some instructions.

The little set provides you with a lot of different sized nail strips for you to pick and choose from so I just selected the ones they fit as closely to my nail as I could. It here when you also prep you nails with the file and push back your cuticles, which isn't a pleasant feeling I know.

Next I simply peeled off the plastic seal, peeled of the strip and stuck it on to the nail. Once fully stuck down you just file the excess strip ends off and you are done!

And there is my finished results, due to me having awkward sized pinky the nail sticker didn't really fit or cover the nail as well as the others however from a distance its hardly noticeable! I actually was wearing these in my photo for the British tag which you can see here. To take these off they come off with normal nail varnish remover although you will have to scrub a little harder on the glitter nail strips.

The also do a wide range of designs here are some (rather poor iPod quality) photos of other designs I've used!

Over all I love these nail strips and would definitely recommend them! They are great and very easy to use, a definite product I enjoy repurchasing.

Have you tried Sally Hansen salon effects?

Until next time!

P.s I do apologise for the lack of posting on my blog! I've been a real busy bee with doing extra hours at my part time job, staying away from home more often and more recently I've just been to a festival (which was amazing and I will blog about it) and danced all day and night and also got very sun burnt ouch. But I feel like three blog posts a week isn't as much as I'd ideally like to blogging while I'm on summer break so I'm hoping to pick this up a bit by writing some blog posts in advanced, but thank you all so much for still sticking around I appreciate it a lot<3