Wednesday, 18 June 2014

W7 Fibre lashes: Rreview and first impressions!

So some of you may have seen my May favourites post, where I featured this as one of my favourite eye products! But I felt this product deserved its own blog post where I can go into a lot more detail about it.

So what is it?

It's essentially 'fibre' lashes you wear with your every day mascara to extended and thicken your eyelashes without having to wear false lashes.

So it cost around £2.99 I do believe! (I can't really remember!) But I did purchase it from my local Savers. So it is alot cheaper than the higher end fibre lashes that people may be familiar with like the Younique Fibre Lashes in America costing around $30 or around £18 in pounds

The brush is similar to a normal mascara however its covered in little white fibres! But do not be put off or concerned with it being white! As you will see when applied:

First starting with your natural lashes:

Mine are quite long naturally so the difference would be more noticeable on those with shorter eye lashes.

Next you add your everyday mascara:

Mine went on a little bit clumpy here but this photo is obviously taken very close so it's less noticeable from further distance.

Next add the fibre lashes on top of your mascara, looking down makes it easier to focus the fibres towards the ends of your lashes:

It may look a little strange at first but this is how it looks. Its says to leave it like this for 45 seconds to let the mascara dry.

Then add another coat of you mascara to coat the fibre lashes:

Once covered your lashes should look longer and thicker! You can repeat the process of adding fibres and mascara until to get your desired length and volume.

So here you can see the LEFT eye with the W7 fibre lashes and the RIGHT eye with normal mascara.

So overall I find this to be a wonderful product and alternative to false lashes! It's quick it's easy and adaptable to make your lashes as long and as thick as you like. These fibre lashes last all day and also come off easily with you normal eye make up removal routine.

Would you ever try out fibre lashes?

Until next time have a beautiful day!