Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Unboxing: Graze Box | Lifestyle

So I've recently been reading different blog posts on the 'Graze Box' which sends you little snacks that are healthy and taste good! Which sounds great for someone like me who likes to snack on some not so healthy things such a crisps. I actually used a free code so I got this for free (with free delivery) and with no secret charges even when giving all your details! A box usually costs £3.99 which you can choose what day it will be delivered and how often! I choose Monday and every fortnight, and to my surprise I came home from college on Monday and there it was right on time!

Although the box its self is not huge due to its clever design of being able to fit through most letter boxes its a whole different story inside. Inside the box I got some little goodies other than the food such a two £5 gift vouchers to give to friends, a little welcome book and even a sheet with all the nutrition details, I was very impressed! And although the outside of the box was rather plain, the inside was had beautiful prints as shown here with an empty box:

Now on to the more exciting part which is the food its self! They way Graze works is that you rate the range of snacks they have online as either 'try' or 'bin'. Once you have rated everything Graze randomly selects 4 of the snacks you have selected to try and send them to you. And here are the four I received:

I'll show them all a little more in depth here:

"summer berry flapjack"

rustic rolled oat flapjack with berry-infused cranberries

I've read a lot of positive hype about the Graze's flapjacks so I was so happy to see I got sent some! I actually got so excited that after I took these photo's I tried them right away and they definitely did not disappoint I assure you. So if you decide to try a Graze be sure to have their flapjacks on your try list.

cookies and cream

mini chocolate cookies, roasted hazelnuts, white chocolate buttons and sunflower seeds

I'm actually still yet to try these but they do certainly look very exciting. And it's actually only "214 kcal", which is really good considering this snack contains some sneaky bits of white chocolate and mini cookies! 

pomodoro rustichella

mini tomato breadstick, cheese croutons and tomato, basil and oregano almonds

 My first and only savoury snack from the box however I completely adore this one! I mean how cute are the tiny baguettes?! None the less I shared this snack with my brother and we both loved it, the mixed herbs and different tastes almost made me want to have some kind of pasta! I personally think this would make a wonderful little side bowl of goodies on a pasta dinner date for two. (Plus only 120 Kcal)

triple berry smoothie

mini strawberries, blueberries, cranberries and banana coins

So this is another snack I am yet to try however I guess you can predict how it will taste being a selection of dried fruit. But I have never had this combo of dried fruit, I've only ever had dried banana coins on their own before which I love so it will be interesting to try the rest individually or maybe trying some together to create some fruity combos!

Also underneath the actual snack packages Graze provides napkins which I oddly found rather thoughtful and nice touch to the box.

If you are interested in trying your own Graze box then in the picture above or here in text:
are both valid codes which give you a free box! OR a link right here!You will obviously need to sign up and give them all you details (including your card!) but they make it very clear you're not being charged for your first box and you can easily opt out if you do not want to continue or even start a proper subscription, which made me feel so reassured. I'm actually pretty excited to try another box or maybe even one of their breakfast boxes!

Or wanna win a £5 voucher code? Comment below: What you think of Graze boxes!

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Until next time have a beautiful day!