Saturday, 7 June 2014

Small Primark Haul! - Preparing for summer☀☀

So when shopping the other week when I bought lots of new beauty products, (which you can see here) I also popped into to Primark to start picking up some bits for my holiday! Luckily my holiday isn't until September so I have all summer to slowly pick up bits week by week rather than panic buy everything at once.Clothing wise nothing really caught my eye, plus I didn't have lots of time to have a look around! 


Mint green & white Aztec print bandeau bikini set- £4
I fell in love the colour of this as soon as I saw it, unfortunately the top half doesn't fit me so I'm going to buy a white bikini top to pair with it instead. 

Watermelon print bandeau bikini top-£4
I saw these on the rack and I just knew I had to buy it! I have a current love for watermelon print at the moment and it fits me perfectly, however they only had one bottom half left in the Primark store I went to which was 3 sizes too big for me which was a shame!

Black bandeau bikini set- £3
Due to not be able to find matching bottoms to my watermelon bikini I decided to pick this cheap plain black bikini set so I could wear the bottoms with the watermelon bandeau, and as before the top didn't fit me anyway! 


Cut out hi-tops- £10
Again in the sandals section they didn't really have anything I really liked or in my size for that matter however I did spot these adorable cut out hi tops which I thought was perfect for summer and would also got well with pretty socks. I've already worn these out loads already!


Over sized black satchel-£5
The bag section had so many pretty bags that I would of loved to buy, but obviously had limited time and money but did spot these over sized satchels in the sale down from £10 to £5! Unfortunately they only had black, so not really summer related but I thought it was perfect for college to carry all my books around. (which can be a lot)

Black purse- £4
Again not really summer related but my old purse zip broke so my change and money would constantly fall out into my bag which gets really embarrassing when you're trying to pay for things! So I treated myself to a new purse but I mainly chose this one as it was the only purse that had the little slot where you put pictures as I like to have a little picture in my purse.

Black sunglasses- £1
My more expensive and nicer glasses are starting to break which is a shame as I adore them a lot so I picked these up just wear around everyday as they are cheap and I don't mind as much about these getting damaged, they also come with a free case with comes in handy when I wanna pop them in my bag.


Strawberry hand sanitiser- 70p
I've never used the Primark sanitisers before but as I paying I saw them next to the counter and at only 70p why not?

Watermelon candle- £1.50

So I was just passing through the home section and saw this and knew that I had to purchase it! I haven't lit it yet but it does smell amazing and summery.

P.s Love Felt eye liner pen- £1.50
My current favourite eye liner to use at the moment! And only costing £1.50 a go! I did a winged eye liner tutorial using this which you can read here.

Watermelon print socks- £2
Need I say more on my love of watermelon print? But Primark had this awesome range of print socks in lots of different images including fast food etc, but me being me I went for the watermelon socks.

Hair bands- £1
These were another one of those cheeky purchases when at the counter, but it was only a pound for 50 and they are also the hair bands without the metal part! Which is good so they won't be ripping hair out and causing split ends.

So there was my first post in preparing for summer and holidays! All of these were purchased very recently so hopefully your local Primark stocks most of what I bought :)

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Until next time have a wonderful day!