Wednesday, 4 June 2014

LUSH Avobath Bath Bomb | First impressions!♥

Hello everyone! Just a short quick mid week post here, but as you have all seen from my previous beauty haul post (which you can read here.) I purchased my first lot of LUSH bath bombs. Now I got so excited that after I took the photos and uploaded the haul the very next morning I actually went and ran a bath right away to finally try one out.

I went for Avobath as it was early in the morning and I wanted to use the bath bomb with the most refreshing scent to wake me up. The Avobath has hints of fresh avocado and lemon grass which smells divine! So it provided a burst of freshness in the morning.

The second I gently popped it in, it started fizzing like crazy and my whole bath was green in seconds! My whole bathroom and even went into the landing was filled with it's fresh scent, it was so wonderful. After enjoying a nice long soak my skin felt and smelt amazing due to natural ingredients the bath bomb contains such as avocado and olive oil that both tackle dryness. It took around 1-2 minutes for the whole bomb to fully dissolve and it didn't leave and chalky residue which is a bonus.

I was worried about it staining the bath due to it's gorgeous bright colour however it did not leave the smallest patch of green any where! Nothing in the tub, on my skin or even my nails. I can literally find no flaws with this product. So LUSH gets a 10/10 from me!

Have you tried the Avobath or any other LUSH bath bombs?

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Until next time, have a beautiful day!