Thursday, 19 June 2014

eBay Necklaces!♥

Just as a quick little post, I thought I'd show you some of my recent necklace purchases from eBay! The wonderful thing about eBay is that it contains many little stores and sellers, selling all kinds of jewellery which you can find a very affordable prices.

#1 Daisy statement necklace

Now I bought this little beauty very recently as I wanted a more summery statement necklace, due to all of mine being quite dull in colour. This necklace however is very bright and floral, which I have already worn a fair few times to college and received plenty of compliments on it!

#2  Vintage Tattoo Choker

These have recently made a come back into fashion and bang on trend, after being lost in "one of those 90's trends." I don't really remember them too much, but a few of my friends remember owning these when they were young. So with it's recent come back and never owning one my self I decided to try it out. Looking online I did find this in Top Shop for £5, which is an okay price, but I wasn't even sure if I was going to like it and I didn't really want to waste too much money. So with some further exploring I found this one on eBay for only 99p with free delivery!

#3 Amethyst Quartz Necklace

My favourite stone/mineral has always been Amethyst ever since I was very little! Whenever my mum took us in the fancy ornament stores I always ran over to the big rocks that was split in half, which inside revealed the beautiful amethyst crystals. I've always wanted the amethyst quartz styled necklace for the longest time so when just having a look through eBay, I found some for around £5! Which I instantly bought and fell in love with! The pendent is also removable so you can style in on a short or long chain, or even on a leather necklace.

So there was a little peep into what necklaces I have be wearing and loving recently from eBay!

Do you have any jewellery from eBay?

Until next time have a wonderful and beautiful day!