Friday, 27 June 2014

Dresser top: DIY's and recycling!

Hello everyone! And today I thought I'd show you two cute little idea's I had for organising goods on your make up dresser. I didn't have to go out to buy any new things in order to achieve any of these, they were all things I found around the house!

So let's get started!

#1 Nail Varnish Desk Display

For this very simple little recycle DIY project, all I used was:

Bead Box 

I used to use the bead box to store all my tongue bars which I no longer use since taking my piercing out, but the box its self only cost me 99p and I didn't want to throw it away. Once again scissors are found in pretty much all homes.

Seeing as I wanted to create a mini display of my most used nail varnishes on my dresser all I did was simply removed the lid which was no longer needed:

Once removed I slotted in my favourite nail varnishes in a colour coordinated fashion of course, and tah dah! There is your go to nail varnish display on your desk, it's not massive so it doesn't take up a lot of room but it does display 15 of your favourite nail varnishes!

#2 Recycling old jars

Again this is just idea's of what to do with old jars from around your home! The first jar I used was an old sugar polish that came in the pretty jar that no one was really going to use up as it was a present from 3 Christmas's ago. So I decided to go with a very Tumblr and Pinterest inspired approach:

I simply emptied and rinsed the jar and tried to remove as much as the label as possible, I could of spent along time scratching it off but the sensation of the sticker going under my nail was pretty cringe worthy for me so I covered the rest with a label saying 'Spain' as I'm turning this into a savings jar for my holiday which was inspired from images on Tumblr and Pinterest.  The label I used actually came free through my door from the British Red Cross which is a wonderful charity that does great work!

I also did the same with what was a jar of mint sauce, however when we ran out I simply washed it out and managed to fully remove the label to transform it into a jar to store my make up brushes. I could of gone all out and added glitter and sparkled it up however I actually preferred the plain clear look.

So there is some little dresser top DIY's and recycling! 
I really hope you liked this post and maybe even try some of them out for yourself,

And who know's maybe a part two may be coming soon?

Until next time have a beautiful day!