Saturday, 21 June 2014

ChapStick Lipsations Shimmer- New go to summer lip balm?☀

Hello everyone!

So I recently picked these up after on the hunt for some new lip balms. I don't really understand it, but there is that satisfying feeling of getting a new lip product you haven't tried before, compared to repurchasing an old one. Anyway I felt I wanted to stray away from  my usual Baby lips, and that's when I spotted these! I have always used ChapStick, since all the way back in primary school, I used to have a little strawberry one popped in the bag just in case. However I spotted these new (not recent new but new to me) shimmer ChapSticks!

Surprising I found these both in my local Poundland in the beauty section, so £2 for the both of them is a total bargain! There is only two different scents in the shimmer range, however I couldn't choose between them so I bought both, but again at a £1 each I'm not complaining!

These ChapSticks both claim to provide moisturisation and protection for your lips, which is a summer must as you don't want that hot sun drying out your lips. However as well as that these lip balms also add a pearlescent effect for a shimmering finish, which is the fun and more unique feature about these lip balms. Having the shimmer is a perfect substitute for an everyday basic lip look. Which would be perfect for you if you are wanting to add a little something to your lips, say if you're going out on day trip in the summer with your friends but you don't want your make up to look to powerful yet you want it still pretty, then I would definitely recommend one of these!

Berry scent - which smells amazing and summery!
Slight tint of pink

Tropical scent-Strong scent of Coconut and pineapple (almost smells like Malibu)
Sheer in colour

I did swatch these to try and give you an idea of how they turn out. To the left you can see the Berry ChapStick with its slight pink tint to it. And to the right you can see the Tropical ChapStick with its very sheer yet still shimmery features. 

Overall I think these lip balms are perfect for summer! They are very pretty to wear, smells wonderful and adds moisture to your lips and also provides protection. The only flaw I would really pick with these, is that they are ever so slightly sticky. However I would put that down to the fact they are shimmery, but I still love them anyway.

What is your summer lip balm?

Until next time have a wonderful day!