Sunday, 1 June 2014

Beauty haul! Lush, Top Shop, The Body Shop, The Cosmetics Company Store❤

It hasn't even been a whole month since my last beauty haul, but my boyfriend and I spent the whole of Friday shopping and I just couldn't resist. I also picked up a few fashion related bits but I'll save that for another blog post as this one is going to be a big one on its own. So let's get in to what I bought:

Top Shop:

Nail polish- £5

So I actually ordered this from their website online using the gift card I received for my birthday. I'm very new to Top Shop and I've never actually tried any of their make up pieces so I decided that I wanted to treat myself to one of their nail polishes. Which led to me choosing 'Au Natural' which online said to be an 'off white' colour. I'm yet to try this out but I'm very excited.

The Body Shop

Mango body mist - £7.50

After a friend at work sprayed me with her mango body mist the first thing I asked was where did she get it, which led me to The Body Shop, again I'm still new to lots of these stores. I completely adore the mango scent and I'm really keen in exploring more of The Body Shop's range's and I'm also really interested in their body butters after reading some amazing reviews on them. But overall this product might just be my favourite scent for the summer.

The Cosmetics Company Store

SmashBox try it kit- £17.50

Now if you're unsure of what a cosmetic outlet is, they basically sell high end make up at cheaper prices. I don't own any real high end make up so this was very exciting to have a look around in my local outlet, It had brands like Mac, Estee Lauder, Clinique and of course SmashBox. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to try it out, and at a reduced price of £17.50 instead of £25. My sweet boyfriend then decided he was going to buy it for right then as a late birthday present after my original present (A gorgeous silver ring) got broken :( So I cannot thank him enough ❤_❤

So anyway this set includes:

SmashBox Camera ready BB cream
SmashBox Halo hydrating powder
SmashBox baby buki brush
SmashBox primer

Very exciting, and definitely a full review will be done on this!


So I picked up quite a few bits from Lush but let's just say I got bit excited.

Grease Lightning- £6.25

This is the main product I went in to go look for after reading a really good review on it! Unfortunately I cannot remember who's blog I read it from. But anyway, I've always wanted to try Lush's spot treatment's so it will be interesting to give it a whirl.

Tea tree water toner sample - free!

While I was at the counter looking at the grease lightning I was also curious by the toner water, which then a lovely member of staff approached me and asked me about what I want the products for. She gave me a demonstration of both products and I opted for Grease Lightning, after telling her that I read reviews about both products and about my blog she gave me a free sample of the toner water to try out. Lush has such wonderful helpful staff :)

Tea Tree Toner Tab -£1

Not heard about these, however I found it for only a £1 and it will be fun to try the steam treatment on my skin, as it apparently helps upset congested skin. It's also contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Avobath bomb- £3.25

I've only ever tried one Lush bath bomb, but it was years ago and I can barely remember it. However I got really excited seeing all the different bath bombs all lined up on the pretty display. And this was the first one I could smell, I cannot begin to describe how nice the scent of this bath bomb is. Even my boyfriend commented on how nice it smelt. It's described as morning product to wake you up but it also tackles dry skin. So excited to try this!

Space girl bath bomb- £2.35

So although I am pretty new to Lush and it's products, I have watch many many lush hauls on a bath bomb that tends to pop up is 'Space Girl'. Surprisingly it was cheaper than some of the other bath bombs only costing £2.35, so when I spotted it I instantly went over to check it out and it smelt amazing! The best way to describe its scent is that it smells similar to Parma violets. This bath bomb apparently has popping candy in it so it sizzles in the tub as well as being refreshing and uplifting for your mood and toning for your skin.Very excited to try it out!

The lovely staff also gave me their latest catalogue filled with all their lovely products, which is maybe a bad thing for my bank account as it makes me want to go back to buy more already!

So there is my kinda big beauty haul! I would love to say it was collective, but I actually bought this all in one big go oops.

Do you love Lush?
Also comment below any Lush products I should try out and purchase!

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Until next time have a beautiful day!