Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bandana's and how I style them!✌

Bandana's are always in and out of fashion and come in wide ranges of colours and designs. But a favourite of mine has always been the traditional paisley patterned ones. I got my first bandana many years ago from my mum which came from a motorbike event she attended. My first one was the classic red bandana made to very high quality. Since then, I now own 6 bandana's! White, tan, hot pink, black, purple and red.

Now you can get hold of these from 99p! I purchased mine from this ebay store here, for 99p each and with a buy 3 get 1 free deal! Plus it's free delivery.

Ways to style:

Now since peeping around on Pinterest on I found a few different ways of styling bandana's however these are my top 3 favourite ways to style a bandana. Styling with bandana's also work best on second day hair.

1. Boho hippie style

Now this kind of look is all for those festival goers who are wanting to rock the more hippie style with hair accessories but not wanting to wear the flower garland! 

2.Classic tie up

The classic tie up is great for those days when you want to add a little something to your hair on those in between hair! You can style this in lots of different ways by having your hair up or down.

3. Doughnut bun thickener

And for my final favourite way to style bandana's is adding them to the doughnut or sock buns, adding it can make you bun look thicker while at the same time changing a very sleek neat look into a more edgy style. You can rough it up by 'ruffling' up the bun to make it look a bit messy adding to the edgy style and look.

So there are my top 3 favourite ways to style bandana's in my hair. If you have any other suggestions on hair styling with bandana's then let me know down below.

I'd also like to add the fact that since I've removed my hair extensions and established a full hair care routine my hair has grown so so much yay :D

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Until next time have a beautiful day