Sunday, 29 June 2014

Beauty UK: Posh Pout and Blush & Brush♥

Hello lovelies! And today I will be reviewing a brand I've newly discovered called Beauty UK, after reading some blog posts and coming in to contact with them they very kindly sent me a few make up bits to try out. You can get Beauty UK products direct from their website: or alternatively you can buy their products from the Superdrug here:

Posh Pout
The first product I will be reviewing is the Posh Pout chunky lip crayon which you can get in a total of six different colours from nudes, pinks, purples and coral. These retail at the very affordable price of £2.99.

Which I got one in the shade 'corally incorrect' which is a pretty coral orange.

On the website these lip balms are claimed to be 'moisture rich with a long lasting punch of colour'. Which I strongly agree with! The product did not feel dry at all and when I wore this on a night out recently and it lasted for many hours. I also find the punch of colour to be very pretty and perfect for the summer, but don't be put off with the bright colours, when applied you can blend it making the final colour more sheer.

I did a swatch of Corally Incorrect to give you an idea of how the colour turns out when applied.

Considering it's colour you'd expect it to have some kind of fruity scent to correspond with it, however to my surprise it's mint scented! Which was very new to me as I have never had a mint scented lip product before however I rather liked it. The scent made me feel more fresh especially if you're getting ready for a night out and you've just brushed your teeth plus you're wearing this product it like mint freshness galore. I don't know why we don't have more products in mint?

Over all I completely adore this product and have really enjoyed wearing it out on those beautiful summer days. It is definitely worth the money and I'm determined to try out more of the Posh Pout colours! So yes I would recommend this to to a friend and definitely re-purchase it.

Blush & Brush

The next product I will be reviewing is Beauty UK's Blush & Brush, A compact blush that comes in a total of five different shades four of which are shimmer and one is matte, they are available from rose shades to peach shades,and also come with a little blush brush. This is also priced at £2.99 and if you buy this from Superdrug it is also included in the buy on get one free offer on selected Beauty UK products, which is a bonus and you should definitely be taking advantage of this offer and grab them while you can!

I got a blush in the shade 'Upper East side' which I can best describe as being a shimmery peachy pink shade.

On the website the blushes as described as a pop of vibrant colour which with its handy compact size and brush it can be applied any time, anywhere. Which I can agree to some extent, yes the blush does give you a pop of colour and yes it is a compact size however it lacks a mirror which is pretty essential if you want to apply on the go, so you'd have to pack a separate compact mirror. But I have worn this on an evening out and it did pass my durability test by lasting most of the night.

When first applied the blush is literally a pop of colour! Quite bright at first which may put you off, however with some blending the final colour can become a pretty glow especially with the shimmer tones in the blushes.

Below I did a swatch of Upper east side that is partially blended out to give you an idea of the final colour.

The brush its self is to a standard quality, however due to its flat compact size it's not really big enough to apply or blend blush properly, so when first applying I would use a big fluffy blusher brush and then use the smaller blush brush it comes with for top ups through out the day.

Over all I do generally enjoy the quality of the blush and I will definitely use the rest of it up as I find it to be quite durable and a very pretty shade. However rather than try out different colours from the Blush & Brush range I'd be much more interested in trying out Beauty UK's Baked Blushes which retail at £3.99. So yes I would recommend to a friend but I would not repurchase this as it's just not for me.

So there are two very different reviews on some products from Beauty UK. I would like to thank Beauty UK for sending me these products to review! I would also like to highlight that this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

What do you think of Beauty UK's products?

Until next time!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Dresser top: DIY's and recycling!

Hello everyone! And today I thought I'd show you two cute little idea's I had for organising goods on your make up dresser. I didn't have to go out to buy any new things in order to achieve any of these, they were all things I found around the house!

So let's get started!

#1 Nail Varnish Desk Display

For this very simple little recycle DIY project, all I used was:

Bead Box 

I used to use the bead box to store all my tongue bars which I no longer use since taking my piercing out, but the box its self only cost me 99p and I didn't want to throw it away. Once again scissors are found in pretty much all homes.

Seeing as I wanted to create a mini display of my most used nail varnishes on my dresser all I did was simply removed the lid which was no longer needed:

Once removed I slotted in my favourite nail varnishes in a colour coordinated fashion of course, and tah dah! There is your go to nail varnish display on your desk, it's not massive so it doesn't take up a lot of room but it does display 15 of your favourite nail varnishes!

#2 Recycling old jars

Again this is just idea's of what to do with old jars from around your home! The first jar I used was an old sugar polish that came in the pretty jar that no one was really going to use up as it was a present from 3 Christmas's ago. So I decided to go with a very Tumblr and Pinterest inspired approach:

I simply emptied and rinsed the jar and tried to remove as much as the label as possible, I could of spent along time scratching it off but the sensation of the sticker going under my nail was pretty cringe worthy for me so I covered the rest with a label saying 'Spain' as I'm turning this into a savings jar for my holiday which was inspired from images on Tumblr and Pinterest.  The label I used actually came free through my door from the British Red Cross which is a wonderful charity that does great work!

I also did the same with what was a jar of mint sauce, however when we ran out I simply washed it out and managed to fully remove the label to transform it into a jar to store my make up brushes. I could of gone all out and added glitter and sparkled it up however I actually preferred the plain clear look.

So there is some little dresser top DIY's and recycling! 
I really hope you liked this post and maybe even try some of them out for yourself,

And who know's maybe a part two may be coming soon?

Until next time have a beautiful day!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

ChapStick Lipsations Shimmer- New go to summer lip balm?☀

Hello everyone!

So I recently picked these up after on the hunt for some new lip balms. I don't really understand it, but there is that satisfying feeling of getting a new lip product you haven't tried before, compared to repurchasing an old one. Anyway I felt I wanted to stray away from  my usual Baby lips, and that's when I spotted these! I have always used ChapStick, since all the way back in primary school, I used to have a little strawberry one popped in the bag just in case. However I spotted these new (not recent new but new to me) shimmer ChapSticks!

Surprising I found these both in my local Poundland in the beauty section, so £2 for the both of them is a total bargain! There is only two different scents in the shimmer range, however I couldn't choose between them so I bought both, but again at a £1 each I'm not complaining!

These ChapSticks both claim to provide moisturisation and protection for your lips, which is a summer must as you don't want that hot sun drying out your lips. However as well as that these lip balms also add a pearlescent effect for a shimmering finish, which is the fun and more unique feature about these lip balms. Having the shimmer is a perfect substitute for an everyday basic lip look. Which would be perfect for you if you are wanting to add a little something to your lips, say if you're going out on day trip in the summer with your friends but you don't want your make up to look to powerful yet you want it still pretty, then I would definitely recommend one of these!

Berry scent - which smells amazing and summery!
Slight tint of pink

Tropical scent-Strong scent of Coconut and pineapple (almost smells like Malibu)
Sheer in colour

I did swatch these to try and give you an idea of how they turn out. To the left you can see the Berry ChapStick with its slight pink tint to it. And to the right you can see the Tropical ChapStick with its very sheer yet still shimmery features. 

Overall I think these lip balms are perfect for summer! They are very pretty to wear, smells wonderful and adds moisture to your lips and also provides protection. The only flaw I would really pick with these, is that they are ever so slightly sticky. However I would put that down to the fact they are shimmery, but I still love them anyway.

What is your summer lip balm?

Until next time have a wonderful day!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

eBay Necklaces!♥

Just as a quick little post, I thought I'd show you some of my recent necklace purchases from eBay! The wonderful thing about eBay is that it contains many little stores and sellers, selling all kinds of jewellery which you can find a very affordable prices.

#1 Daisy statement necklace

Now I bought this little beauty very recently as I wanted a more summery statement necklace, due to all of mine being quite dull in colour. This necklace however is very bright and floral, which I have already worn a fair few times to college and received plenty of compliments on it!

#2  Vintage Tattoo Choker

These have recently made a come back into fashion and bang on trend, after being lost in "one of those 90's trends." I don't really remember them too much, but a few of my friends remember owning these when they were young. So with it's recent come back and never owning one my self I decided to try it out. Looking online I did find this in Top Shop for £5, which is an okay price, but I wasn't even sure if I was going to like it and I didn't really want to waste too much money. So with some further exploring I found this one on eBay for only 99p with free delivery!

#3 Amethyst Quartz Necklace

My favourite stone/mineral has always been Amethyst ever since I was very little! Whenever my mum took us in the fancy ornament stores I always ran over to the big rocks that was split in half, which inside revealed the beautiful amethyst crystals. I've always wanted the amethyst quartz styled necklace for the longest time so when just having a look through eBay, I found some for around £5! Which I instantly bought and fell in love with! The pendent is also removable so you can style in on a short or long chain, or even on a leather necklace.

So there was a little peep into what necklaces I have be wearing and loving recently from eBay!

Do you have any jewellery from eBay?

Until next time have a wonderful and beautiful day!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

W7 Fibre lashes: Rreview and first impressions!

So some of you may have seen my May favourites post, where I featured this as one of my favourite eye products! But I felt this product deserved its own blog post where I can go into a lot more detail about it.

So what is it?

It's essentially 'fibre' lashes you wear with your every day mascara to extended and thicken your eyelashes without having to wear false lashes.

So it cost around £2.99 I do believe! (I can't really remember!) But I did purchase it from my local Savers. So it is alot cheaper than the higher end fibre lashes that people may be familiar with like the Younique Fibre Lashes in America costing around $30 or around £18 in pounds

The brush is similar to a normal mascara however its covered in little white fibres! But do not be put off or concerned with it being white! As you will see when applied:

First starting with your natural lashes:

Mine are quite long naturally so the difference would be more noticeable on those with shorter eye lashes.

Next you add your everyday mascara:

Mine went on a little bit clumpy here but this photo is obviously taken very close so it's less noticeable from further distance.

Next add the fibre lashes on top of your mascara, looking down makes it easier to focus the fibres towards the ends of your lashes:

It may look a little strange at first but this is how it looks. Its says to leave it like this for 45 seconds to let the mascara dry.

Then add another coat of you mascara to coat the fibre lashes:

Once covered your lashes should look longer and thicker! You can repeat the process of adding fibres and mascara until to get your desired length and volume.

So here you can see the LEFT eye with the W7 fibre lashes and the RIGHT eye with normal mascara.

So overall I find this to be a wonderful product and alternative to false lashes! It's quick it's easy and adaptable to make your lashes as long and as thick as you like. These fibre lashes last all day and also come off easily with you normal eye make up removal routine.

Would you ever try out fibre lashes?

Until next time have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Unboxing: Graze Box | Lifestyle

So I've recently been reading different blog posts on the 'Graze Box' which sends you little snacks that are healthy and taste good! Which sounds great for someone like me who likes to snack on some not so healthy things such a crisps. I actually used a free code so I got this for free (with free delivery) and with no secret charges even when giving all your details! A box usually costs £3.99 which you can choose what day it will be delivered and how often! I choose Monday and every fortnight, and to my surprise I came home from college on Monday and there it was right on time!

Although the box its self is not huge due to its clever design of being able to fit through most letter boxes its a whole different story inside. Inside the box I got some little goodies other than the food such a two £5 gift vouchers to give to friends, a little welcome book and even a sheet with all the nutrition details, I was very impressed! And although the outside of the box was rather plain, the inside was had beautiful prints as shown here with an empty box:

Now on to the more exciting part which is the food its self! They way Graze works is that you rate the range of snacks they have online as either 'try' or 'bin'. Once you have rated everything Graze randomly selects 4 of the snacks you have selected to try and send them to you. And here are the four I received:

I'll show them all a little more in depth here:

"summer berry flapjack"

rustic rolled oat flapjack with berry-infused cranberries

I've read a lot of positive hype about the Graze's flapjacks so I was so happy to see I got sent some! I actually got so excited that after I took these photo's I tried them right away and they definitely did not disappoint I assure you. So if you decide to try a Graze be sure to have their flapjacks on your try list.

cookies and cream

mini chocolate cookies, roasted hazelnuts, white chocolate buttons and sunflower seeds

I'm actually still yet to try these but they do certainly look very exciting. And it's actually only "214 kcal", which is really good considering this snack contains some sneaky bits of white chocolate and mini cookies! 

pomodoro rustichella

mini tomato breadstick, cheese croutons and tomato, basil and oregano almonds

 My first and only savoury snack from the box however I completely adore this one! I mean how cute are the tiny baguettes?! None the less I shared this snack with my brother and we both loved it, the mixed herbs and different tastes almost made me want to have some kind of pasta! I personally think this would make a wonderful little side bowl of goodies on a pasta dinner date for two. (Plus only 120 Kcal)

triple berry smoothie

mini strawberries, blueberries, cranberries and banana coins

So this is another snack I am yet to try however I guess you can predict how it will taste being a selection of dried fruit. But I have never had this combo of dried fruit, I've only ever had dried banana coins on their own before which I love so it will be interesting to try the rest individually or maybe trying some together to create some fruity combos!

Also underneath the actual snack packages Graze provides napkins which I oddly found rather thoughtful and nice touch to the box.

If you are interested in trying your own Graze box then in the picture above or here in text:
are both valid codes which give you a free box! OR a link right here!You will obviously need to sign up and give them all you details (including your card!) but they make it very clear you're not being charged for your first box and you can easily opt out if you do not want to continue or even start a proper subscription, which made me feel so reassured. I'm actually pretty excited to try another box or maybe even one of their breakfast boxes!

Or wanna win a £5 voucher code? Comment below: What you think of Graze boxes!

Also my beauty give away is open for 2 MORE DAYS! So be sure to enter here c:

Until next time have a beautiful day!