Monday, 5 May 2014

The Spring Has Sprung Tag!

Although it's a little late into the spring I thought it was still relevant to do this tag while its still May!

Spring Has Sprung Tag Questions! 

 Question 1.

What are some spring trends you're looking forward to the most?
I adore all the pretty floral patterned clothing that starts to appear plus all the cute pastel colours!

Question 2.

What's your favourite spring clothing piece?
Probably pastel jumpers as they are super cute with a pair of light wash jeans and here in the UK spring is still pretty cold so a thin jumper is a must have.

Question 3.

What do you do during spring break?
Well I just had mine and to be honest I spent most of it either spending time with my boyfriend or on Netflix watching Gossip Girl! Which I just finished last week and I can't believe who Gossip Girl is!:O

Question 4.

Is it warm or cold in Spring where you live?
It's pretty cold with literally one heatwave for a weekend then its chilly again until summer.

Question 5.

What is your favourite spring lip colour?
I love the orange and peachy coloured lipsticks and lip glosses! It's not too harsh as red lips but still looks great on a night out.

Question 6.

Favourite spring nail polish colour?
Any light colours among the pastel range! I especially love the Barry M and Essie pastel range!

Question 7.

Favourite spring colour?
It's a tie between baby pink and mint green.

Question 8.

Favourite starbucks drink during spring?
I don't drink at Starbucks at all as I hate coffee. But I do love the Costa fruit coolers specifically the red berry one!

Question 9.

Do you add colour to your make-up for spring?
I don't make any major changes to my everyday make up but I do sometimes add blusher or maybe even a pop of colour in my eye make up.

Question 10.

What are you most excited for spring 2014?
To see all the new clothing for summer 2014, I literally cannot wait to start shopping for summer and my holiday eeeek!

So I hope you enjoyed this little tag! If you do this tag then link it below as I'd love to read it.
Have a beautiful day!