Sunday, 11 May 2014

Spring/Summer Fashion Haul!

So I might of had yet another splurge and another injury to my bank account already! But there are lots of pretty spring and summer clothes out and the moment and I just couldn't resist.

Black sheer lace top with flower print- New Look- £8 
A pretty sheer top with it lined halfway leaving the bottom half sheer more flattering for the British weather!

Sheer floral kimono- originally from Select but bought from a thrift store- £2
Another fashionable piece and for an amazing price, I'm so happy I found this! Perfect at adding a little extra to an outfit.

Beige and black aztec shorts- Originally from Papaya but I once again got these from a thrift store for £2
These are lovely flowy shorts perfect for the summer time and future holidays! I wore this kinda high up making them a bit more high waisted, Love them! Ps- You can still buy these on Ebay:)

Baby pink faded t-shirt- New Look- £5
Found this in the sale at my local New Look and fell in love with it! I can be pretty sheer in some places so you would need to wear light bra or a white vest underneath like I did.

Hair srunchie bows- New Look- £2.99
Hair clips- New Look- £2.99
Brand new Necklace-Thrift store- £1.59
All wonderful spring and summer accessories I cannot wait to wear out to make new styles and add something to outfits!

Not very fashion related but as it's exam season I also picked up some stationary goods including this adorable A4 note pad from Wilko for £2.75 to fill with revision and blog post ideas!

So that is my fashion haul! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and have a beautiful day :)

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