Friday, 9 May 2014

My Lip Product Collection! *Edited*

Hello everyone! Thank god it's finally Friday and the weekend is here! And for my Friday night blog post I'll be showing you my rather small lip product collection, however it's a lot for me as I rarely ever wear lipsticks unless there's a special occasion but I do however hoard lip balms.There's also a few lipsticks and balms missing:(

Here is my collection of lip balms including Baby Lips, Burt's Bees ( a random cuticle cream slipped in there must of grabbed it by mistake)and Nivea! My Nivea actually came in a set with two others the pink rose and pearly shine, also my Wilko lip balms was in a set of 3 but my watermelon one is currently in my college bag, so a few products are absent.

There is also my rather small collection of lip glosses as if I'm honest I'm not a  massive big fan of glosses as I've always had long hair which would end up sticking to my lip which is not ideal or pleasant. And just hiding next to lip balms are my 'lip crayons' which my peach Chit Chat one is my favourite.

Now my rather small lipstick collection so from left to right:

Rimmel shine temptation in 166 SHINE ONE (The lipstick I wore to prom) Gorgeous nude shade with a little shine and smells like watermelon!
H&M Matte lipstick in BARDOT
No7 in 10 BARE
Rimmel London Kate Moss in 07 
MUA lipstick in SHADE 2
ELF lipstick in FEARLESS (snapped in half)
Collection 2000- in 153 ENHANCED

I've had this lip gloss for a very long time, but does anyone remember when we was all mad for lip glosses with the built in lights? Mine still works! No idea if these are still around but mine is from Collection 2000 Hot Lights range in 5 Glow.

And finally my two lip pencil's from Elizabeth Arden, the darker purple one is called "Cocoa Rose" and the pinker one is called "Blush".

So there is my lip product collection! So I hope you've enjoyed this blog post, and if you have done a lip stick collection post then please link it below as I'd love to read it!

Have a beautiful day or evening wherever you are!


I finally found the extra lip product that I couldn't find and here they are: