Friday, 2 May 2014

My favourite fashion thrift store finds!

So to kick start this blog post is one of my all time favourite thrift store finds which was this sheer black lace t-shirt originally from New Look, however I picked this little beauty up for a couple of pounds from a local charity store! I love how you can always mix up this shirt by wearing different coloured vests underneath, here I'm wearing a bright coral orange vest from New Look to brighten the look but I have worn this with black and dark red vests underneath to create a darker and more 'night out' style.

Next is this long sleeved striped sweater styled t shirt that was also originally from New Look yet I found this for only one pound! I find this to be perfect on those causal days! I usually pair these with some skinny jeans but on a lazy day I'd wear some black or grey track suit bottoms to lounge around in.

Now this pretty piece is what I like to call my "holiday dress" as I adore wearing it when on holiday with some pretty sandals and a cardigan if its chilly! I got this for 2.99 but I also have the exact same dress in blue which I loved wearing while on holiday in Cyprus. I love the bright coral pink and pretty floral design on it is just perfect for summer! 

(Excuse the creases at the bottom) But again this is another one of those comfy lounge around t-shirts for those lazy days! This was originally from Gap but I do believe this only cost me £1.99 from another local charity store.

(Again excuse the messy background) I never realised how difficult it is to take a picture of a skirt while wearing it, I even had to stand on a chair to get the lighting! But anyway I picked up this tube skirt for only a pound again and is actually a size 8 but its made out of stretchy material it fits around my waist woohoo! As the skirt is a plain block colour I can get away with wearing a patterned top with it to create colourful spring outfits!

I've never owned or gone for any antique styled jewellery yet I fell in love with this piece as it matched a nude dress I was wearing to an event. This little beauty only got 50 pence from one of my favourite local charity stores that all money goes towards cat shelters :}. And again this just adds a little something to neutral coloured outfits!

And yet another piece that was from New Look? Madness. But I mainly bought this for my prom! As it was silver which matched my blue and silver dress and it was a good size to carry a camera and my phone. I do believe this cost around £3.99 and even though prom has been and gone I've still be using this clutch at formal events like family weddings!

And for my final piece which isn't fashion related at all but I thought it was adorable is this cat mug! I think it cost around £1-2 but I thought it was so lovely and what the hell? Never have enough mugs and all money goes to charity, It's a win win!

So I hope you enjoyed this rather different blog post! Comment below your views as I'd love to hear them c:

P.s I'm 17 today woohoo! Thanks Google c:

Have a beautiful day! x x