Saturday, 31 May 2014

May Favourites!♥

Hello there beautiful's

So I haven't done a favourites post since February which is quite a while back, however recently I feel I have tried a lot of new products which I'd love to show you all what I have been loving thing month.

So my 'fashion' item favourite recently has been this white watch from Dorothy Perkins which I purchased while I was in London last month. The store was having a huge sale where everything had a certain % off! This watch happened to be 25% off so I got it for £15 instead of £20 woo hoo. I find that it goes with so many of my everyday outfits and I just love love love it. Unfortunately they not longer stock this as it's not on their online website but there are some similar online.

My first beauty favourite has been the MUA Undress your skin highlighter. Only costing £4 and was recently featured in a beauty haul post, I have since fallen in love with this highlighter and the quality of it. Considering its a MUA product it's highly pigmented and creates a gorgeous healthy glow and highlights on your skin. I'm addicted.

My next beauty favourite has been a Baby Lips lip balm in 'Pink Punch'. I have previously done a full review on these which you can read here. But as it's been spring and starting to warm up I've slowly eased into wearing brighter lip products, which I started with the pink tinted lip balm which is subtle but still noticeable and I even received compliments on it :)

There been a big hype over the 'Invisi bobble'. So with the curiosity killing me I decided to purchase some small ones from the pastellicious range in 'Sand Tropez' as it was blonde looking. But there was other colours like mint green and blue etc.. So if you're unsure of what this product does is that it leaves no kinks in your hair like a normal hair band and it cares for your hair in reducing split ends and even claims to avoid headaches. 
I found myself using these a lot during exam season to put all my hair back and out of my face, then when finished with the exam or revision I found that I can let my hair down with out the horrible kink going all the way through it and without having the metal part of a regular hair band rip my hair out causing slit ends. It literally does what it says on the tin happy happy :)

My recent obsession has been these scrunchies with the bow attached! I particularly like styling these with a high pony tail, it just adds a little something to an ordinary outfit. And like the watch, I have also found these going with most of my everyday outfits. I got this bow from New Look in a set of two.

Keeping on the hair related topic, I have recently started using hair mist! I've never used one before but it looked appealing in the store and smells amazing as you can imagine! It's also a nice little extra on those second day hair where you want to add a little burst of freshness to your hair. Only £1 too and so far it's been lasting me for quite a while now.

Another new product here, but it's basically an inexpensive dupe of the 'fibre lashes' mascara. Which claims to be an alternative to false lashes. Now I'm not going to say too much here as I do have review on this to post this week so keep your eyes peeled on my blog.

My next favourite for this month has been this AMAZING fragrance mist from Victoria's Secret in the scent "Red Plum & Freesia", which was an unexpected surprise present from my boyfriend! (He even hid it and made me go find it, it was so adorable awh) Anyway back on track, the scent of this is just so gorgeous and I love it so much! I've been wearing it almost everyday which is a bit cheeky as I should be using it cautiously and savouring it, but I just can't resist. And again another product I've received compliments when wearing it.

And for my final random favourite, it has been my iLuv anti-tangle earphones. I cannot begin to describe the joy of having anti tangle earphones. I literally chuck them in my college bag or my weekend bag when I go to stay at my boyfriends, and when I pull them out there is not a single tangle it's perfection. The quality on these are also really really good and has a good bass as well. I paid £10 for these from Asda and they did come in a range of colours but I just chose the neon pink ones as they were the prettiest ehe.

So there are my favourites for May.

Comment below what your favourites have been this month as I'm always looking out for new products to try

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Until next time have a beautiful day