Friday, 16 May 2014

May 2014 UK Glossybox: Paired with Superdrug!

So today I received my very first ever Glossybox! I've never done a subscription service before so I was very excited for this to arrive and so far I am so happy! The cover has the "50 years of Superdrug" design compared to their usual pink plain box, so far so good.

 So for this months Glossybox there was a guaranteed 4 full sized products, one smaller size and two samples, which is all very exciting for my first ever box. Now a little more in depth in to what we got here exactly:

50ml Blowpro-after blow strong hold finishing spray (FULL SIZE COSTS-£11.99 283ml)
'Don't let the English weather make your hair-do a hair-don't with blowpro's strong hold finishing spray. It conditions while it sets to provide you with superwoman-esque super-hold on your hair'

I have never owned an after blow spray before, so this will be interesting to try out when going for the day, especially as its starting to warm up here as we enter summer.

B.Complete long lasting nail polish (Costs £4.99)
This product claims to "provide intense colour with a high shine finish and has a wide brush providing a smooth and quick professional finish."

My first full sized product and I've never heard of this product/brand so again another new product to try! It's hard to tell from the photo what colour this exactly is but it is in the shade "Quartz 65" a bluey grey shade.

Scholl velvet smooth over night mask- Cost £7.99
"This night mask hydrates for up to 24 hours to give you soft beautiful feet while you sleep"

Another full sized product, but I have admit not the most exciting product in the world. And if I'm completely honest I hate feet. But still I can't knock it until I've tried it!

I Love Cosmetics: Strawberries & Milkshake Shimmer and Shine Lip Gloss- £1.29

"Feel scrumptious with a burst of fresh strawberries and smooth yummy milkshake."

My third full size product and it looks like a wonderful little product. I am actually familiar with this brand as I got a bubble bath set from this brand which did include a bubble bath in the fragrance: Strawberries & Milkshake so I know it will smell amazing!

Collection Bronze Glow Mosaic £2.99
"Get an all-year round natural-looking tan with a sweep of Bronze Glow Mosaic. Add a sunkissed shimmer of colour to highlight the face and body and add contouring to your cheeks and collarbone."

I was pleasantly surprised to see a Collection product in here, plus one I haven't tried before which is a bonus! So once again I'm looking forward to giving this one a whirl.

GHOST Fragrances- Eclipse 2ml (Full sized £33 for 50ml)
"Capturing the warm energy of the sun, GHOST Eclipse evokes feelings of carefree abandon. Get lost in the moment and lift your spirits with this intoxicating and addictive fruity-floral fragrance."

Sounds very interesting and fun to try out and smell. I personally love perfume samples that come in a little bottle as it becomes perfect to pop in your bag rather than bringing full sized perfumes that could smash.

Garnier Oil Beauty Lotion 10ml (full sized £4.99 250ml)

"Infused with argan, macademia, almond, and rose oil the Oil Beauty Lotio helps replenish the skin with moisture and reinforce its barrier function to prevent it feeling dry, leaving your skin feeling softer and silky-smooth."

And finally another sample I have never tried before! I'm more interest in the "non greasy, non-sticky" advertised on the front which will be good to test out as I absolutely hate sticky lotions that make any surrounding fluff or bits stick to your skin, yuck!

So there is May 2014's Uk Glossybox woo! The full sized product alone add up to £17.26 however with the sample goods pushes it up to around the £20 mark. Which is worth your money considering my subscription only cost £10!

What do you think of this months Glossybox?

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Until next time, Have a beautiful day c: